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Surface Chemistry

1. The correct order of coagulating power of Na+, Al+3, Ba+2 ions for arsenic sulphide sol is...
Ans: Na+ < Ba+2 < Al+3
Charge on cation - Coagulating power


2. The flocculation values of KCl, MgCl2, CrCl3 and SnCl4 for a −vely charged sol are in the order...
Ans: SnCl4 < CrCl3 < MgCl2 < KCl

3. Curd is a/ an
  1) Emulsion      2) Sol      3) Gel      4) Foam
Liquid is dispersed in solid in curd, so it is gel.


4. The colloidal sol used in treating eye diseases is...
Ans: Colloidal Antimony
Argyrol is a silver sol.


5. The correct order of protective power of Gelatin (A), Haemoglobin (B), Gum arabic (C) and Potato Starch (D) is
Ans: A > B > C > D

Gold Number of gelatin (0.005 to 0.01), haemoglobin (0.03), gum arabic (0.15 to 0.25), potato starch (25). 

6. In Freundlich adsorption isotherm, the value of  is...
Ans: 0 to 1 in all cases
 = K.P1/n at low pressure  = 0 at high pressure  = 1 
 values = 0 to 1


7. Shape - Selective Catalysis is a reaction, Catalysed by
     1) Enzyme      2) Protein      3) Zeolite      4) Zeigler - Natta Catalyst
Ans: 3 (Zeolite)
Zeolites are shape selective catalysts.


8. At the critical micelle concentration, the surfactant molecules
Ans: associate
100 or more molecules associate to form micelle.


9. Tyndall Effect is not observed in...
    1) Smoke     2) Gold Sol     3) Emulsion     4) Brine Solution
Ans: 4 (Brine Solution) 
Tyndall effect is not shown by true solution like brine (due to small particle size of dispersed phase).


10. CMC value for soaps is
Ans: 10−4 to 10−3 mol lit−1
Critical Micelle concentration for soap is 10−4 to 10−3 mol lit−1


11. The basic principle of Cottrell Smoke precipitator
Ans: Neutralization of charge on colloidal particles
Neutralization of charge present on colloidal particles.


12. An example of −vely charged sol is
Ans: Gelatin
Gelatin is -vely charged sol.


13. The role of Fe(OH)3 in the Contact process is
Ans: to remove arsenic impurity
Gelatinous hydrated Fe(OH)3 removes Arsenic impurities.


14. O/W type emulsions & W/O type emulsions are stabilized by
       1) Casein        2) Silica        3) Graphite        4) Soap
Ans: 3 (Graphite)
Graphite powder stabilize both types of emulsions.


15. Incorrect enzymatic reaction among the following reactions is

Diastase enzyme is used to convert starch into maltose.


16. The use of Catalyst TiCl4 + Al (C2H5)3 is
Ans: to prepare high density polyethene
Zeigler-Natta catalyst is used to prepare H.D.P.


17. Incorrect match among the following is...
     1) gel liquid dispersed in solid          2) aerosol - liquid dispersed in gas 
     3) foam - gas dispersed in liquid      4) Solid Sol - Solid dispersed in liquid
Ans: 4 (Solid Sol - Solid dispersed in liquid)
Solid dispersed in liquid is called "Sol".


18. A straight line for Freundlich adsorption isotherm is obtained by plotting a graph between
Ans: log  & log P


19. The cleaning action of soap is due to...
Ans: due to formation of micelle & emulsion
Initially micelle is formed An emulsion is formed between water and dirt (dissolved by non polar part)


20. Styptic action of alum is due to..
Ans: Coagulation of −vely charged blood by Fe+3 or Al+3 ions
Coagulation of -vely charged blood colloid by Fe+3 or Al+3 ion


21. Alcohols are directly converted into gasoline by passing over heated catalyst
Ans: ZSM−5
Hot ZSM-5 converts alcohol to gasoline


22. Poison for palladized charcoal in Lindlar's catalyst is
Ans: BaSO4 & Quinoline
BaSO4 & Quinoline


23. Adsorption of gases on solid surface is generally exothermic because ...
Ans: "S" decreases
Entropy (S) decreases.


24. The order of capability to get adsorbed by H2, CH4, SO2 is ...
Ans: SO2 > CH4 > H2

Posted Date : 15-10-2020


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