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1. Read the following statements.

A) Plants is a taxon
B) Non-living objects also grow
C) Growth, can not be taken as a defining property of living organisms
D) Mule do not reproduces
Find out the correct statements
A: All statements are correct


2. Darwin of 20th Century
A: Ernst Meyer


3. The twin characters of growth
A: Increase in mass and number of individuals


4. Match the following.

List - A List - B
I. Fungi A. Budding
II. Yeast B. Mule
III. Protonema C. Fragmentation
IV. No reproduction D. Spore
  E. Non livings

The correct matching is
A:  I     II     III     IV
     D    A     C      E


5. Reproduction is synonymous with growth-
1) Yeast/ Amoeba   2) Bacteria   3) Chlamydomonas   4) All
A: 4(All)


6. Characteristic feature of living organism is
1) Growth   2) Reproduction   3) Metabolism   4) All
A: 4(All)


7. Technically complicated feature of all living organisms is
A: Irritability


8. The defining property of living organisms
A: Metabolism


9. Read the following statements and find out incorrect one.
1) Couplet is a pair of contrasting characters used in the identification and
nomenclature of plants and animals.
2) Biological museums are generally set up in educational institutions.
3) The largest herbarium is at RBG.
4) The order of Mango is Sapindales.
A: 1(Couplet is a pair of contrasting characters used in the  identification and
nomenclature of plants and animals.)


10. The word systematics is derived from
A: Latin


11. Both the words in a biological name, when hand written, are separately underlined
to indicate that
1) They are important.
2) The former is a genus and the later is species.
3) To catch the attention of the reader.
4) None
A: 4(None)


12. Expand ICBN
A: International Code for Botanical Nomenclature


13. Match the following.

I. Dry plant specimens A. Botanical Gardens
II. Preserved Animal specimens B. Museum
III. Living specimens of plants C. Flora
IV. Index of plant species D. Herbarium

The correct matching is
A:    I     II    III    IV
        D   B    A     C


14. Match the following.

I. Habitat and distribution A. RBG
II. Information on 1 taxon B. Herbarium
III. Repository for future use in Identification C. Monograph
IV. International Centre for Identification D. Flora

The correct matching is
A: I     II    III    IV
     D   C    B     A


15. Match the following.

I. IBG A. International for plants nomenclature
II. RBG B. Lucknow
III. NBRI C. Howrah
IV. ICBN D. London (International for plant Identification)

A: I    II    III    IV
    C   B    A    D


16. Images of specimens are seen in
A: Digital Herbarium


17. Man belongs to the order
A: Primata


18. Arrange the following in sequence
A. Nomenclature   B. Characterisation   C. Identification
A: BCA(Characterisation, Identification, Nomenclature)


19. The defining properties of all organisms
A. Growth   B. Metabolism   C. Reproduction   D. Irritability   E. Self Consciousness
A: BD only(Metabolism, Irritability only)


20. Mango belongs to the family
A: Anacardiaceae

Posted Date : 15-10-2020


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