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1. In human beings, fertilisation of ovum takesplace in
Ans: Ampulla of fallopian tube


2. Read the following parts that are related to the male reproductive system of human beings
      a. Retetestis                b. Epididymis
      c. Urethra                     d. Seminiferous tubules
      e. Vas deferens            f. Ejaculatory duct
      g. Vasa efferentia
The correct sequence of parts through which sperms pass out is
      1) a - b - c - d - e - f - g       2) d - a - g - b - e - f - c
      3) d - a - g - e - b - f - c       4) d - g - a - b - e - f - c
Ans: 2 (d - a - g - b - e - f - c)


3. Assertion (A): Placenta of human beings is haemochorial type.
    Reason (R): Chorionic villi are dipped in the blood pools of uterine wall.
Ans: Both A & R are true. R is correct explanation for A.


4. Match the following.

A. Syphilis i. HIV
B. Genital herpes ii. Neisseria
C. AIDS iii. Treponema
D. Gonorrhoea iv. HSV

            A    B   C     D
Ans:  ii     i     iv     iii


5. Testes are held in their position in scrotal sacs by
Ans: Spermatic cords


6. Study the following statements.
    a. Testes lie in scrotal sacs in man, to provide lesser temperature for spermatogenesis.
    b. Sertoli cells secrete androgens like testosterone.
    c. Skene glands are associated with male reproductive system.
    d. Clitoris is homologous to penis.
Pickup the corect statements:
      1) a, b       2) b, c       3) c, d       4) a, d
Ans: 4 (a, d)


7. Acidity of urethra is neutrolised by the secretion of
Ans: Cowper's glands


8. Match the following.

A. Antrum i. Corona radiata
B. Cumulus oophorus ii. Mature follicle
C. Granulosa cells iii. Cavity of follicle
D. Graafian follicles iv. Cells around oogonium

           A    B   C    D
Ans: iii     iv    i     ii


9. Assertion (A): During spermatogenesis, primary oocyte undergoes Meiosis I.
Reason (R): To maintain constant number of chromosomes in each generation, during gametogenesis Meiosis takes place.
Ans: A is wrong, but R is true.


10. After ovulation, empty follicle is filled with
Ans: Corpus luteum


11. In the female genital tract, sperms undergo certain changes and acquire the vigour to fertilise the ovum. This process is called
Ans: Capacitation


12. During fertilisation, acrosome of sperm releases
Ans: Hyaluronidase


13. Read the following.
      a. Cells that cover the inner cell mass of blastocyst are known as cells of Rauber.
      b. The area of foetus where placenta is formed is known as decidua basalis.
      c. Placenta in human beings is haemochorial type.
      d. Placenta of humans secrete human chorionic gonadotropin.
   Correct statement(s) is/are
Ans: a, b, c, d


14. Match the following.

A. Progesterone i. Mammary glands
B. Oxytocin ii. Corpus luteum
C. hCG iii. Pituitary
D. Prolactin iv. Placenta

         A    B    C   D
Ans: ii    iii    iv    i


15. Period of gestation in human beings is
Ans: 38 weeks


16. The process of birth is known as
Ans: Parturition


17. Pick up the mismatched pair.
    1) Gonarrhoea - Neisseria          2) Syphilis - Treponema
    3) AIDS - HIV                           4) Cervix cancer - Trichomonas
Ans: 4 (Cervix cancer - Trichomonas)


18. One of the following is not a natural method of contraception.
      1) Diaphram                   2) Periodic abstinence      
      3) Coitus interruptus      4) Lactational amenorrhea
Ans: 1 (Diaphram)


19. Oral contraceptive pills contain
Ans: Oestrogen, Progesterone


20. Aminocentesis is used for
Ans: Detecting genetical abnormalities

Posted Date : 15-10-2020


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