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1. Sponges that live in deeper parts of the sea having silicious spicules belong to
A: Hexactinellida


2. Match the following:

    A     B   C   D
A: ii    iv    i    iii


3. Study the following statements.
     a. Nematodes have renet glands which help in respiration
     b. Cestodes exhibit pseudometamerism
     c. Unisexual annelids lack clitellum
     d. Pharyngeal nephridia of earthworm are closed & exonephric type
Among the above, correct statements are
A: a-d


4. A pair of chelicerae and a pair of pedipalps are characteristic of
A: Aranea


5. Flagellum of Urceolus is
A: Pantacronematic


6. Assertion (A): Circulatory system in annelids is closed type.
    Reason (R): Haemoglobin is found dissolved in blood plasma.
A: Both A and R are true. R is not correct explanation for A.


7. Chordates with protonephridia containing solenocytes
A: Cephalochordates


8. Assertion (A): All vertebrates are chordates but all chordates are not vertebrates.
    Reason (R): Prochordates lack vertebral column.
A: Both A and R are true. R is correct explanation for A.


9. In frog, male reproductive system contains the following parts.
     a. Bidder's canal      b. Ureter      c. Testes     d. Vasa efferentia
     e. Transverse tubes     f. Cloaca
Find the correct sequence in which sperms pass out from the place of production.
A: c-d-a-e-b-f


10. Assertion (A): Binary fission in Euglena is called symmetrogenic.
       Reason (R): The two daughters are like mirror images.
A: Both A and R are true. R is correct explanation for A.


11. Match the following.

     A    B    C   D
A: iv    iii    i     ii


12. Number of cervical vertebrae in mammals
A: 7


13. Study the following statements.
      a. Euglypha has filopodia
      b. Kinetosome helps in the formation of cilium or flagellum
      c. In pantonematic flagellum, axoneme has two or more rows of lateral appendages.
      d. Flagellae exhibit undular movements.
Among the above, correct statement(s) is/ are
A: a, b, c, d


14. Reptile that is considered as a living fossil
A: Sphenodon


15. Observe the following table:

Among the above pick up the incorrectly matched items
A: a-c

Posted Date : 15-10-2020


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