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1. Study the following points.
a. T.H. Morgan, the father of modern genetics experimented on Drosophila melanogaster.
b. Chromosomal theory of heredity was proposed by Sutton and Boveri.
c. Drosophila melanogaster has 3 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of allosomes.
d. Law of segregation was proposed by T.H. Morgan.
Among the above, the correct statements are:
A: a, b, c


2. Father of Genetics was -
A: Mendel


3. Ratio of long winged (dominant) and vestigial winged (recessive) Drosophila formed when a pure long winged and a pure vestigial winged individuals are crossed is
A: 1 : 0


4. Mendelian recombination of characters is due to
A: Random assortment


5. In Mendelian dihybrid cross, when a long winged, grey bodied (LLGG) Drosophila (dominant) and a vestigial winged, ebony (llgg) individual (recessive), are crossed, how many squares in Punnet square (in F2 generation) contains the individuals with genotype LlGg?
A: 4


6. If one gene influences many phenotypic traits, the phenomenon is called
     1) Polygenetic inheritance           2) Pleiotropy
     3) Multi factorial inheritance       4) Quantitative inheritance
A: 2 (Pleiotropy)


7. Phenylketonuria is an example for
A: Pleiotropy


8. Ratio of long winged (dominant) and vestigial winged (recessive) Drosophila, when a pure long winged Drosophila and a pure vestigial winged Drosophila are crossed is
A: 1 : 0


9. If a gene has four alleles, number of genotypes expected
A: 10


10. If father has 'O' group and mother has 'A' group (homozygous), the blood group(s) expected in their children.
A: A


11. The person with B blood group has
A: Antigen B on RBC and anti A antibodies in plasma.


12. If a blood sample is mixed with antiserum containing anti B antibodies, if agglutination of RBC takes place, the blood sample belongs to this group.
A: B


13. Assertion (A): SNPs are more stable.
       Reason (R): They have very low mutation rates.
A: Both A & R are true. R is correct explanation for A.


14. Biologically, the marriage between these two is not advisable


15. Persons having AB blood group are universal receipients because
A: Both anti A and anti B antibodies are absent in plasma


16. If blood of 'A' group person is given to O, A, B and AB persons, find out the chance of agglutination
[Note: ++ Heavy + Mild - No agglutination]
A: O = ++, A = -, B = ++, AB = +


17. Assertion (A): Persons with O group are called universal donors.
       Reason (R): Their plasma contains both anti A and anti B antibodies.
A: Both A & R are true. R is not correct explanation for A.


18. Match the following.

A) Only antigen A I) Rh
B) Only antigen B II) AB
C) Both antigens A & B III) B 
D) D antigen IV) A
E) No antigen V) O 

        A       B     C    D   E
A:   IV     III     II     I    V


19. Study the following statements.
a) Polygenic inheritance is also known as qualitative inheritance.
b) The children born to a negro (AABBCC) and an albino (aabbcc) are known as mulattoes.
c) Rh antigen is also known as D - antigen.
d) Persons with AB blood group are examples for incomplete dominance.
Among the above, pick up the wrong statements
A: a - d


20. Match the following.

A) XX - XO method I) Man
B) ZZ - ZW method II) Bugs 
C) ZZ - ZO method III) Birds
D) XX - XY method IV) Butterfly 

      A    B      C    D
A: II    III     IV    I


21. Sex Index ratio of a Drosophila with the genotype AAA + XY is
A: 0.33


22. If genotype of a Drosophila is AAA + XX, it is a
A: Intersex


23. In a family, there are five sons and no girl. What is the probability of the sixth child to become a girl?
A: 50%

24. Study the following table.

Identify the correct combinations:
A: a - c


25. Assertion (A): In honey bees, male (drone) has no father but has grand father.
Reason (R): Drone, develops from ovum directly by parthenogenesis.
A: Both A & R are true. R is correct explanation for A.


26. Study the following statements.
a) Traits controlled by genes located in allosomes are called sex linked traits.
b) The genes located in non homologous part of human Y - chromosome are called holandric genes.
c) Duchenne muscular distrophy is an X - linked disorder due to dominant gene.
d) Deuternopia is the red colour blindness.
Among the above, correct statements are
A: a - b


27. A woman whose father is haemophilic and mother is homozygous normal married a normal man and had two sons and two daughters. What is the probability of their sons being haemophilic?
A: 50%


28. A girl is colour blind but her brother has normal vision. Their parents are -
A: Colour blind father and carrier mother


29. Assertion (A): Y - linked traits have no carriers.
       Reason (R): Y - linked genes are always hemizygous.
A: Both A & R are true. R is correct explanation for A.


30. Mr. Surya has hypertrichosis. What is the probability of this trait being inherited to his grand son through his son
A: 100%


31. Match the following.

A) Thalassemia I) Y - linked
B) Haemophilia II) Autosomal
C) Hypertrichosis III) X - linked
D) Cystic fibrosis IV) Abnormal haemoglobin

      A       B     C    D
A: IV      III      I     II


32. Study the following:
      a) Chromosomal set up is AA + XXY in Klinefelter syndrome.
      b) Turner syndrome is Barr body negative.
      c) Down syndrome is an example for trisomy.
      d) Alkaptonuria is an autosomal genetic disorder due to recessive gene.
Identify the correct statement(s).
A: a, b, c, d


33. Read the following:
      a) The DNA containing entire genetic information of an individual is called genome.
      b) The shortest gene is the gene controlling the synthesis of dystrophins.
      c) The highest number of genes are located in Y - chromosome
      d) DNA finger printing technology is useful in pedigree analysis.
The wrong statements are:
A: b - c


34. DNA Satellites are


35. The following are different steps in DNA finger printing protocol.

a) Blotting     

b) Fragmentation of DNA 
c) Denaturation of DNA     

d) Identification of DNA through probes. 
e) Separation of DNA fragmentents through electrophoresis     

f) Collection of DNA 
g) DNA finger print     

The correct sequence is
A: f - b - e - c - a - d - g

Posted Date : 15-10-2020


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