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One word substitutes

Directions (Qs. 1 – 22): Select the option that can be used as a one-word substitute for the given group of words.

 1. A person who is out to destroy all governments, peace and order. 

A) Atheist    B) Anarchist   C) Altruist    D) Bigot 

Sol: Anarchist is a person who is out to destroy all governments, peace and order.

 Atheist : one who does not believe in God. 

Altruist : a person who is a lover of mankind. 

Bigot: a person who is filled with excessive enthusiasm in religious matters. 

Ans: B

2. One who pretends to be somebody else. 

A) Insolvent    B) Invincible    C) Imposter    D) Introvert 

Sol: Imposter is a person who pretends to be somebody else.

 Insolvent: one who is unable to pay his debts. 

Invincible: a person who is too strong to be defeated. 

Introvert: a person who does not express himself freely. 

Ans: C

3. A person who acts against religion. 

A) Heretic    B) Cannibal    C) Iconoclast    D) Cynic

 Sol: Heretic is a person who acts against religion. 

Cannibal : a person who feeds on human flesh.

 Iconoclast : a person who is a breaker of images and traditions.

 Cynic: a person who sneers at the beliefs of others.

 Ans: A

4. A person who hates knowledge. 

A) Pessimist   B) Polyglot    C) Itinerant    D) Misologist 

Sol: A Misologist is a person who hates knowledge. 

Pessimist: A person who looks at the dark side of life. 

Polyglot: A person who speaks many languages. 

Itinerant: A person who journeys from place to place.

 Ans: D

5. A person who collects stamps.

 A) Libertine   B) Numismatist    C) Somnambulist    D) Philatelist 

Sol: Philatelist is a person who collects stamps.

 Libertine: One who leads and immortal life. 

Numismatist: A person who collects coins. 

Somnambulist: One who walks in sleep. 

Ans: D

6. A person who has a long experience of any occupation.

 A) Volunteer   B) Effeminate    C) Veteran    D) Samaritan 

Sol: Veteran is a person who has a long experience of any occupation. 

Volunteer: A person who offers one’s services. 

Effeminate: A person who is womanish in his habits. 

Samaritan: A person who helps the needy and the helpless. 

Ans: C

7. A place where an amount of something, especially weapons, has been hidden.

 A) Cache   B) Aviary   C)Tannery    D) Granary

 Sol: Cache is a place where an amount of something, especially weapons, has been hidden. 

Aviary: A place where birds are kept. 

Tannery: A place where leather is tanned. 

Granary: A place used for storing grain. 

Ans: A

8. A slight fault that can be forgiven.

 A) Plebiscite   B) Sinecure   C) Referendum    D) Venial 

Sol: Venial is a slight fault that can be forgiven.

 Plebiscite: A decision made by public voting. 

Sinecure: A job with high salary but a little responsibility. 

Referendum: A general vote of the public to decide a question.

 Ans: D

9. A person who draws maps. 

A) Cartographer   B) Psephologist   C) Usurer   D) Chauffeur

 Sol: Cartographer is a person who draws maps. 

Psephologist: A person who studies the pattern of voting in elections. 

Usurer: A person who lends money at very high rates. 

Chauffeur: A person who drives a motor car. 

Ans: A

10. Government by the rich. 

A) Kakistocracy   B) Neocracy    C) Plutocracy   D) Ochlocracy 

Sol: Plutocracy: Government by the rich.

Kakistocracy: Government by the least suitable citizen of a state. 

Neocracy: Government by inexperienced persons. 

Ochlocracy: Government by mob 

Ans: C

11. Murder of one’s Children. 

A) Matricide   B) Filicide   C) Patricide   D) Regicide

 Sol: Filicide: Murder of one’s children. 

Matricide: Murder of one’s mother. 

Patricide: Murder of one’s father. 

Regicide: Murder of king or queen.

 Ans: B

12. A small group of persons belonging to a body.

 A) Cluster   B) Drove   C) Clique   D) Grove 

Sol: Clique is a small group of persons belonging to a body.

 Cluster: A group of islands. 

Drove: A flock of cattle. 

Grove: A small group of trees.

 Ans: C

13. A continuous flow of People. 

A) Series    B) Shoal    C) Troupe    D) Stream 

Sol: A continuous flow of people is called Stream. 

Series: A number of similar events, matches, lectures. 

Shoal: A large number of fish swimming together. 

Troupe: A group of artists, dancers or acrobats. 

Ans: D

14. The study of inscriptions. 

A) Epigraphy   B) Genealogy  C) Chromatics   D) Agronomy 

Sol: Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions. 

Genealogy is the study of family ancestries and histories.

Chromatics is the art of making fireworks. 

Agronomy is the study of soil management and the production of field crops.

 Ans: A

15. The practice of marrying one at a time. 

A) Bigamy   B) Monogamy   C) Spinister    D) Misogamist

 Sol: Monogamy is the practice of marrying one at a time.

Bigamy is the practice of having two wives at a time. Spinister is an older woman who is not married. Misogamist is a person who hates marriage. 

Ans: B

16. An allowance paid to the wife on divorce. 

A) Epitaph   B) Regicide   C) Spinister   D) Alimony

 Sol: Alimony: The money that you have to pay by law to your former wife after getting divorced.

 Spinister: An older woman is not married.

 Regicide: the action of killing a king.

 Epitaph: words that are written or said about a dead person, especially words written on a stone. 

Ans: D

17. The study of animal behaviour.

 A) Acoustics   B) Alchemy   C) Ethology   D) Epigraphy 

Sol: Ethology is the scientific study of animal behaviour, usually with a focus on behaviour under natural conditions. 

Epigraphy: Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions as writing. 

Alchemy: A form of chemistry in the Middle Ages. 

Acoustics: Acoustics is a branch of physics that deals with the study of mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids.

 Ans: C


18. A list of books. 

A) Brace   B) Catalogue    C) Hamlet    D) Drove 

Sol: Catalogue: A list of all the things that you can buy (books) 

Brace: A pair of pigeons. Hamlet: a very small village. 

Drove: a number of cattle, hogs and sheep. 

Ans: B

19. A decision made by public voting. 

A) Plebiscite   B) Utopia   C) Verbatim   D) Venial 

Sol: Plebiscite: A vote by the people of an entire country or district to decide on some issue.

 Utopia: a place of ideal perfection especially in laws.

 Verbatim: exactly as it was spoken or written.

 Venial: not very serious and able to be forgiven.

 Ans: A

20. The government by the inexperienced persons. 

A) Uxoricide    B) Matrimony    C) Neocracy    D) Oligarchy 

Sol: Neocracy: Government by the new or inexperienced. 

Uxoricide: the killing of one's wife.

Matrimony: the state of being married.

Oligarchy: a small group of people having control of a country or organization.

 Ans: C

21. A religious war. 

A) Fatal    B) Belligerent    C) Allegory    D) Crusade 

Sol: Crusade: The Crusades were a series of religious wars between Christians and Muslims started primarily to secure control of holy sites. 

Fatal: causing or ending in death.

 Allegory: A story that expresses ideas through symbols. 

Belligerent: unfriendly and aggressive 

Ans: D

22. Fear of high places 

A) Extempore   B) Ephemeral    C) Encyclopaedia   D) Acrophobia 

Sol: Acrophobia: extreme or irrational fear of heights. 

Encyclopaedia: a book or set of books that gives information about very many subjects, arranged in the order of the alphabet. 

Ephemeral: lasting for a very short time. 

Extempore: spoken, done, or written without any prior preparation or thought. 

Ans: D

Posted Date : 10-02-2023


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