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Developer Analyst in Barclays

Barclays invites applications for Developer Analyst posts.


* Developer Analyst

Qualification:  Bachelors degree.

Job Description:

1) Work on projects & tech on developing highly scalable application.

2) Design and develop Micro services, GUI, Server components.

3) Implement Functional solutions, unit test & coordinate releases and where
applicable contribute to design sessions.

4) Interact with end users & product owner to understand their requirements and
build solution pertaining to that.

Required Skills:

1) The candidate is expected to be a passionate about coding and understand Objet
oriented programming.

2) Strong analytical skills, Methodical approach with good attention to detail.

3) Strong verbal and written communication skills, Exemplary team player with good attitude.

Work location:  Pune.

How to apply: online.



మరింత సమాచారం ... మీ కోసం!

డీఆర్‌డీఓ-డైపాస్‌లో డిప్లొమా అప్రెంటిస్‌లు

సౌత్‌ ఈస్టర్న్‌ రైల్వేలో 1785 అప్రెంటిస్‌ ఖాళీలు

నిట్‌, కాలికట్‌లో అసిస్టెంట్‌ ప్రొఫెసర్లు 

జీఆర్‌ఎస్‌ఈ, కోల్‌కతాలో సూపర్‌వైజర్లు 


Notification Information

Posted Date: 25-11-2021


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