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QA Engineer in Siemens

Siemens invites applications for QA engineer posts.


* QA engineer

Qualification:  CS Degree.

Experience: 1 - 2 years.

Job Description

1) The individual will work closely with the R & D team and product marketing
team to test all functionality developed by R&D and ensure that it effectively
meet customer's needs.

2) Providing all stakeholders (R&D, Marketing etc) with appropriate regression
reports in a timely manner.

Required Skills:

1) Good understanding of Unix/Linux operating system environments required.

2) Knowledge of shell scripting and interpreted software languages like Tcl/Tk or
Python are important skills required to be effective in this job.

3) Knowledge of software quality assurance processes and experience with
maintaining regression test suites is required.

Work location:  Bangalore.

How to apply: online.


మరింత సమాచారం ... మీ కోసం!

డాక్‌యార్డ్‌ అప్రెంటిస్‌ స్కూల్‌లో 173 ఖాళీలు 

డీఆర్‌డీఓ-సీఏఐఆర్‌లో అప్రెంటిస్‌ ఖాళీలు 

కేఎంఆర్ఎల్‌-కొచ్చిలో వివిధ ఖాళీలు

కొచ్చిన్‌ షిప్‌యార్డ్‌లో 62 పోస్టులు


Notification Information

Posted Date: 25-11-2021


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