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1. The basic unit of classification is

Ans: Species 

2. Arrange the following in ascending order of Linnaean hierarchy.
a. Kingdom   b. Class   c. Family   d. Order  

e. Phylum   f. Species   g. Genus
Ans: a - e - b - d - c - g - f

3. The term species was coined by
Ans: John Ray

4. Assertion (A): The Zoological name Naja naja is illegitimate.
   Reason (R): It is a tautonym.

Ans: A and R are true. R is correct explanation for A.
5. Tautonym is

Ans: Names of genus and species are same
6. In the name Corvus splendens insolens, the word insolens indicates
Ans: Sub species

7. Find out the correctly matched one.
    1) Corvus splendens splendens - Myanmar
    2) Corvus splendens insolens - India
    3) Corvus splendens protegatus - Sri Lanka
    4) Sphenodon - South Africa
Ans: 3(Corvus splendens protegatus - Sri Lanka)

8. Multicellular animals without specific tissues.
Ans: Parazoa

9. Comb jellies belong to
Ans: Diploblastica

10. Persistent blastocoel in some eumetozoans becomes
Ans: Pseudocoelom


11. Match the following.

A) Acoelomata I) Roundworms
B) Pseudocoelomata II) Echinoderms
C) Enterocoelomata III) Annelids
D) Schizocoelomata IV) Parazoans
  V) Flatworms

Ans: A   B   C    D
        V    I    II    III

12. Study the following statements.
      a. According to John Ray, members of a species are morphologically similar.
      b. According Emersion, members of a species are reproductively isolated.
      c. According to Lindsey, members of species resemble each other within a rang of variation.
      Among the above, the correct statements are
Ans: a, b, c


13. Match the following.

A) Microanatomy I) Heredity
B) Palaeontology  II) Tissues
C) Ecology III) Behaviour
D) Genetics IV) Fossils
  V) Environment

Ans:  A     B    C    D
         II     IV     V    I

14. Read the following.

The correct combinations are
Ans: b - d


15. Read the following.

Among the above, the correctly matched items are
Ans: b - c

16. Assertion (A) : Species is a breeding unit.
    Reason (R) : Organisms of a species are reproductively isolated from the other species.
Ans: A and R are true. R is correct explanation for A.


17. Assertion (A) : Even though a mule is produced with the copulation of female ass and male horse, these two parents belong to different species.
   Reason (R): Mules are sterile.
Ans: A is wrong but R is true.

18. Arrange the following in an ascending order of classification hierarchy.
      a. species   b. family   c. order   d. phylum   e. class   f. genus
Ans: a - f - b - c - e - d

19. Which of the following are applicable to Deuterostomia.
       a. Coelom in derived from archenteron.
       b. Persistent blastocoel becomes the coelom.
       c. Mouth is formed later, from the blastopore, at the opposite end of anus.
       d. Cleavages are radial and indeterminate.
Ans: a - d

20. It is measured by counting the number of taxa (usually species) within a particular area, community or ecosystem.
Ans: α - diversity


21. Decline of about 200 species of cichild fishes in Victoria lake is due to introduction of
Ans: Nile perch

22. Match the following.

A) Vinca rosea I) Vinblastin
B) Digitalis purpuria II) Honey
C) Cinchona officinalis III) Digitalin
D) Apis mellifera IV) Tanin
  V) Quinine

Ans: A      B    C     D
          I      III    V     II

23. Read the following.
    a. The regions for maximum protection as they are characterised by very high levels of species richness and high degree of endemism are called Biodiversity hot spots.
    b. Endangered faunal species are well protected in wild life sanctuaries.
    c. Zoos are meant for ex-situ conservation.
    d. Anti cancer drug vinblastin is extracted from Digitalis.
    Among the above, the correct statements are
Ans: a - b - c


24. Assertion (A) : At lower latitudes species richness is more.
     Reason (R) : At lower latitudes area is large, solar radiation and resources are more.
Ans: A and R are true. R is correct explanation for A.

25. Assertion (A): Biodiversity hot spot is the best example of species diversity.
   Reason (R): Biodiversity hot spot is a biogeographic region which is a significant reservoir of species richness with evenness.
Ans: A and R are true. R is correct explanation for A.

Posted Date : 15-10-2020


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