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1. The following reaction is known as

     (a) Kharasch effect                   (b) Darzen’s procedure
     (c) Williamson’s synthesis       (d) Hunsdiecker synthesis reaction
A: b (Darzen’s procedure)


2. What is the main product of the reaction between 2-methyl propene with HBr
A: 2-bromo-2 methyl propane


3. Halogenation of alkanes is
A: An oxidative process

       In the above process product A is
A: Fluorobenzene

A: CH3 − Br


A: Sandmeyer’s reaction

7. When ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH) reacts with thionyl chloride, in the presence of pyridine, the product obtained is
A: CH3CH2Cl + HCl + SO2

8. Preparation of alkyl halides in laboratory is least preferred by
A: Direct halogenation of alkanes


9. Which of the following organic compounds will give a mixture of 1-chlorobutane and 2-chlorobutane on chlorination


10. The chlorobenzene is generally obtained from a corresponding diazonium salt by reacting it with
A: Cu2Cl2

11. Decreasing order of reactivity of HX in the reaction
      ROH + HX RX + H2O
A: HI > HBr > HCl > HF


12. The product of the following reaction :
       CH2 = CH − CCl3 + HBr
A: CH2 (Br) − CH2 − CCl3


13. Chlorobenzene is prepared commercially by
A: Raschig process


14. In methyl alcohol solution, bromine reacts with ethylene to yield BrCH2CH2OCH3 in addition to 1, 2- dibromoethane because
A: The ion formed initially may react with Br− or CH3OH

15.   is an example of which of the following types of reactions
A: Substitution


16. Which of the following would be produced when acetylene reacts with HCl
       (a) CH3CH2Cl              (b) CH3CHCl2
       (c) CHCl = CHCl          (d) CH2 = CHCl



17. R − OH + HX R − X + H2O
      In the above reaction, the reactivity of different alcohols is
A: Tertiary > Secondary > Primary

   R − OX + HX R − X + H2O
   Reactivity order of alcohols for this reaction
   3o > 2o > 1o
   Reactivity order of halogen acids
   R − I > R − Br > R − Cl

A: C6H6Cl66



19. Benzene reacts with chlorine to form benzene hexachloride in presence of
A: Bright sunlight




20. The final product obtained by distilling ethyl alcohol with the excess of chlorine and Ca(OH)2 is
A: CHCl3


21. When ethyl alcohol and KI reacted in presence of Na2CO3, yellow crystals of...... are formed



22. In preparation of CHCl3 from ethanol and bleaching powder, the latter provides
      (a) Ca(OH)2        (b) Cl2     (c) Both (a) and (b)      (d) None of these
A: c (Both (a) and (b))




23. Which one of the following processes does not occur during formation of CHCl3 from C2H5OH and bleaching powder
      (a) Hydrolysis      (b) Oxidation       (c) Reduction        (d) Chlorination
A: c (Reduction)


24. Which of the following is obtained when chloral is boiled with NaOH
       (a) CH3Cl       (b) CHCl3        (c) CCl4      (d) None of these
A: b (CHCl3)



25. Chloroform can be obtained from 
A: Propanol-2


26. Chlorine reacts with ethanol to give
A: Chloral



27. On heating diethyl ether with conc. HI, 2 moles of which of the following is formed
A: Ethyl iodide



28. Lucas reagent is
A: Concentrated HCl + anhydrous ZnCl2


29. Which compound does not form iodoform with alkali and iodine
A: Diethyl ketone




30. Which compound gives yellow ppt. with iodine and alkali
A: Acetophenone

31. Acetone reacts with I2 in presence of NaOH to form



32. Ethanol is converted into ethyl chloride by reacting with
A: SOCl2



33. C6H5Cl prepared by aniline with
A: HNO2 and then heated with Cu2Cl2


34. The starting substance for the preparation of CH3I is



35. A Grignard's reagent may be made by reacting magnesium with
A: Ethyl iodide



36. Which of the following is responsible for iodoform reaction
        (a) Formalin    (b) Methanol      (c) Acetic acid      (d) Ethanol
A: d (Ethanol)


37. When a solution of sodium chloride containing ethyl alcohol is electrolysed, it forms
A: Chloroform

38. Which reagent cannot be used to prepare an alkyl halide from an alcohol
A: NaCl


39. Ethyl benzoate reacts with PCl5 to give
A: C2H5Cl + C6H5COCl + POCl3


40. On treatment with chlorine in presence of sunlight, toluene gives the product
A: Benzyl chloride


41. When chlorine is passed through warm benzene in presence of the sunlight, the product obtained is
A: Gammexane


42. Which of the following acids adds to propene in the presence of peroxide to give anti-Markownikoff’s product
     (a) HF     (b) HCl       (c) HBr    (d) HI
A: HBr


43. Propene on treatment with HBr gives
A: IsoPropyl bromide


44. The catalyst used in Raschig's process is
A: Copper chloride


45. The compound formed on heating chlorobenzene with chloral in the presence of concentrated sulphuric acid, is

46. Acetone is mixed with bleaching powder to give
A: Chloroform

47. Which of the following compounds gives trichloromethane on distilling with bleaching powder
     (a) Methanal      (b) Phenol       (c) Ethanol      (d) Methanol
A: (c) Ethanol


48. The product formed on reaction of ethyl alcohol with bleaching powder is
A: CHCl3



49. Ethylene reacts with bromine to form
A: Ethylene dibromide


50. Best method of preparing alkyl chloride is
A: ROH + SOCl2 
Sol: The chlorination of alcohol by SOCl2 (thionyl chloride) is the best method for the preparation of alkyl halides as in this method all the other product are gaseous and thus halides are obtained on quite pure



51. DDT is prepared by reacting chlorobenzene with
A: CCl3 − CHO



52. Which compound needs chloral in its synthesis
A: D. D. T.

Sol:   DDT is formed by reaction of chloral with chloro benzene.

53. To get DDT, chlorobenzene has to react with which of the following compounds in the presence of concentrated sulphuric acid
A: Trichloroacetaldehyde


54. What will be the product in the following reaction

Sol:  NBS is a selective brominating reagent since it normally brominates the ethylenic compounds in the allylic position.

Posted Date : 17-02-2021


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