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Directions (Qs. 1 - 2): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

There is a family of 6 members - Q, R, S, T, U and V. They work as doctor, police, clerk, office boy, painter and pharmacist. There are two married couples in the family. T, the office boy is married to the clerk. R, the police, is married to doctor. The pharmacist is the son of R and the brother of U. S, the doctor, is the daughter-inlaw of Q. U is the unmarried painter. Q is the grandmother of V.

1. Which of the following is one of the married couples?

A) U and S       B) Q and T       C) T and R             D) U and Q           E) None of these

2. What is the profession of Q?

A) Doctor       B) Painter        C) Police     D) Clerk      E) None of these

Explanation:            Family Tree

                                   Q(−) Clerk ⇔ T(+) Office boy

                                   R(+) Police ⇔ S(−) Doctor

                                   V(+) Pharmacist — U Painter 

                                    Key: 1-B, 2-D

Directions (Qs. 3 - 7): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Karan is the son of Sathya. Hari is the father of Mona. Karan is married to Dharani. Karan and Mona are siblings. Prakash is the brother of Dharani. Sathya has only one son. Rohan is the son of Karan. Prakash is the father of Kamal. Jyothi is the daughter of Mona. Prakash has no daughters.

3. How many female(s) members are there in the family?

A) Two         B) Three         C) Four        D) Five         E) Either Four or Five

4. How is Hari related to Prakash?

A) Father      B) Mother in law    C) Mother     D) Aunt     E) None of these 

5. How is Jyothi related to Kamal?

A) Brother   B) Paternal uncle   C) Maternal aunt    D) Cousin Sister    E) None of these

6. How many married couples are there in the family?

A) One     B) Two          C) Three    D) Four    E) Either Four or Five

7. How is Mona related to Prakash?

A) Daughter    B) Sister in law    C) Wife of brother in law   D) Sister     E) None of these   

                                          Family Tree

                                    Hari(+) ⇔ Sathya(−)

                           Mona(−) — Karan(+) ⇔ Dharani(−) — Prakash(+)

                                  Jyothi(−) Rohan(+) Kamal(+)

                                Key: 3-C, 4-E, 5-D, 6-B, 7-B.

Directions (Qs. 8 - 12): Read the given information carefully and answer the questions given below:

In a family of some persons Srikanth says that Mounika is the daughter of my sister Reena, who is the only daughter of Tarun. Ajay is the child of Tarun and Indu, who is the grandmother of Krithu. Rohini is the mother of Tanuja, who is the only sister of Krithu. Ajay is unmarried.

8. How is Ajay related to Krithu?

A) Maternal Uncle    B) Maternal Aunt    C) Paternal Uncle   D) Paternal Aunt   E) Cannot be determined

9. How is Krithu related to Tarun?

A) Daughter in law    B) Grand Daughter   C) Grand Son    D) Either B or C   E) None of these 

10. If Mintu is spouse of Reena, how is Rohini related to Mintu?

A) Sister    B) Brother in law   C) Wife of Brother in law    D) Cousin E) None of these

11. Which of the following statements is possibly false?

A) Reena is a sister of Ajay.   B) Tarun is paternal grandfather of Tanuja.   C) Krithu is a nephew of Ajay.   D) Indu is monther in law of Rohini.   E) All are possibly false.

12. What will Akshay, son of Tarun's brother Kiran, call Srikanth?

A) Brother     B) Sister   C) Uncle    D) Nephew    E) None of these 
                                            Family tree

                                        Tarun(+) ⇔ Indu(−)

                               Ajay(+)  Reena(−)  Srikanth(+) ⇔ Rohini(−)                    

                                     Mounika(−) Tanuja(−)  Krithu

                                 Key: 8-C, 9-D, 10-C, 11-C, 12-E.

Directions (Qs. 13 - 15): Read the given information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Nine persons were standing in a photograph these persons were related to each in some way. Either both or none of the parents of a child were there in the photograph. Sanjay was the father of Bharath, who had 2 children. Ramya was the only daughter of Bharath but Bharath was not the mother of Ramya. Kalyani was the only sister-inlaw of Naveen. Naveen was the only sibling of Bharath. Naveen's wife had only one child. Teena was the granddaughter of Kamala who was the mother-in-law of Bhanu. Sharath was the son of Kamala's daughter-in-law.

13. How was Bhanu related to Sharath?

A) Mother     B) Brother          C) Son    D) Aunt E) Father

14. How was Kalyani related to Naveen?

A) Kalyani was Naveen's wife.    B) Brother in law   C) Daughter    D) Aunt     E) Sister in law

15. How many female members are there in the family?

A) 3    B) 4    C) 5   D) 6    E) Can't be determined

Explanation:                  Family tree

                                  Sanjay(+) ⇔ Kamala(−)

                            Bhanu(−)⇔Naveen(+) —Bharath(+) ⇔ Kalyani(−)                                         

                              Teena(−) Ramya(−) — Sharath(+)
                               Key: 13-D, 14-E, 15-C.

Directions (Qs. 16 - 19): Read the given information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Eight persons, Jaipal, Rajani, Sanjay, Pankaj, Arjun, Nethra, Druv and Tina consists of a family of three generations such that there are three females and two married couples in the family. For every person of the family either both or none of the parents are alive. Sanjay's sister in law is mother of Druv. Tina is an unmarried female. Druv's mother doesn't have any siblings. Jaipal is father in law of Nethra who is mother of two children. Rajani is grandmother of Druv who is nephew of Pankaj.

16. How is Sanjay related to Rajani?

A) Daughter    B) Son in law   C) Son    D) Husband      E) Wife

17. How is Nethra related to Pankaj?

A) Sister in law    B) Mother in law   C) Wife    D) Daughter in law     E) Brother in law

18. How many children does Jaipal have?

A) One   B) Two           C) Three   D) Four     E) Five

 19. How is Arjun related to Tina?

A) Mother    B) Brother       C) Aunt    D) Uncle    E) Father

Explanation:        Family tree     

               Jaipal(+) ⇔ Rajani(−)

     Pankaj(+)     Sanjay(+)    Arjun(+) ⇔ Nethra(−) 

                     Druv(+)          Tina(−)

          Key: 16-C, 17-A, 18-C, 19-E.

Posted Date : 11-07-2023


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