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Cause and Effect

Directions (Qs. 1 - 12): In this question are given two statements (I) and (II). These statements may be either independent causes or may be effects of independent causes or a common cause. One of these statements may be the effect of the other statement. Read both statements and decide which of the given answer choice correctly depicts the relationship between these two statements. Give answer as,

A) Statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.

B) Statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect.

C) Both the statements I and II are independent causes.

D) Both the statements I and II are effects of independent causes.

E) Both the statements I and II are effects of some common cause.

1. Statements:

I. Standard of living among the middle - class society is constantly going up since part of few years.

II. Indian Economy is observing remarkable growth.

2. Statements:

I. The Meteorological Department has issued a statement mentioning deficient rainfall during monsoon in
many parts of the country.

II. The Government has lowered the revised estimated GDP growth from the level of earlier estimates.

3. Statements: 

I. The staff of Airport Authorities called off the strike they were observing in protest against privatization.

II. The staff of Airport Authorities went on strike anticipating a threat to their jobs.

4. Statements:

I. A huge truck overturned on the middle of the road last night.

II. The police had cordoned of entire area in the locality this morning for half of the day.

5. Statements:

I. Importance of Yoga and exercise is being realized by all sections of the society.

II. There is an increasing awareness about health in the society particularly among Middle Ages group of people.

6. Statements:

I. The prices of food grains and other essential commodities in the open market have risen sharply during the past three months.

II. The political party in opposition has given a call for general strike to protest against the government's economic policy.

7. Statements:

I. The Government has decided to hold a single entrance test for admission to all the medical colleges in India.

II. The State Government has debarred students from other States to apply for the seats in the medical colleges in the State.

8. Statements:

I. Large number of Primary Schools in the rural areas is run by only one teacher.

II. There has been a huge dropout from the primary schools in rural areas.

9. Statements:

I. The employees of the biggest bank in the country have given an indefinite strike call starting from the third of the next month.

II. The employees of the Central Government have withdrawn their week-long demonstrations.

10. Statements:

I. The farmers have decided against selling their Kharif crops to the Government agencies.

II. The Government has reduced the procurement price of Kharif crops starting from the last month to the next six months.

11. Statements:

I. Many people visited the religious place during the week-end.

II. Few people visited the religious place during the week days.

12. Statements:

I. All the schools in the area had to be kept closed for most part of the week.

II. Many parents have withdrawn their children from the local schools.


1-A  ; 2-D ; 3-D ; 4-A  ; 5-B ; 6-A  ; 7-E ; 8-A  ; 9-D ; 10-B ; 11-E ; 12-D

Posted Date : 19-02-2024


గమనిక : ప్రతిభ.ఈనాడు.నెట్‌లో కనిపించే వ్యాపార ప్రకటనలు వివిధ దేశాల్లోని వ్యాపారులు, సంస్థల నుంచి వస్తాయి. మరి కొన్ని ప్రకటనలు పాఠకుల అభిరుచి మేరకు కృత్రిమ మేధస్సు సాంకేతికత సాయంతో ప్రదర్శితమవుతుంటాయి. ఆ ప్రకటనల్లోని ఉత్పత్తులను లేదా సేవలను పాఠకులు స్వయంగా విచారించుకొని, జాగ్రత్తగా పరిశీలించి కొనుక్కోవాలి లేదా వినియోగించుకోవాలి. వాటి నాణ్యత లేదా లోపాలతో ఈనాడు యాజమాన్యానికి ఎలాంటి సంబంధం లేదు. ఈ విషయంలో ఉత్తర ప్రత్యుత్తరాలకు, ఈ-మెయిల్స్ కి, ఇంకా ఇతర రూపాల్లో సమాచార మార్పిడికి తావు లేదు. ఫిర్యాదులు స్వీకరించడం కుదరదు. పాఠకులు గమనించి, సహకరించాలని మనవి.


పాత ప్రశ్నప‌త్రాలు


విద్యా ఉద్యోగ సమాచారం


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