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1) Directive Principles of State Policy are some instructions to the State for achieving socio-economic development.

2) Directive Principles of State Policy are not enforceable in the courts and no one can go to the court for its proper implementation.

3) Directive Principles of State Policy are positive in nature. These principles increase power and functions of the State.

4) Directive Principles of State Policy aims at establishment of a welfare state by securing social and economic justice. These principles are based on socialist thinking.

5) These principles are indispensable for socio-economic development of our country as they formally bestow the responsibility of it on the state which has maximum power and resources at its disposal.

6) These principles have great moral value also. It constitutes the conscience of our Constitution. No responsible government can dare to go against these principles.


7) Directive Principles of State Policy constitute the mirror of public opinion. These principles always reflect the will of the people. These are embodied in the Constitution to the meet the aspirations of the people.

8) These are fundamental in the governance of the country. The State should follow these principles for progress of the country.

Posted Date : 03-02-2021


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