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Letter Writing

Powerful tool for Communication

Letter writing in English language holds immense significance as it serves as a powerful tool for communication, enabling individuals to convey thoughts, feelings, and information with clarity and precision.It fosters personal connections, whether through formal correspondences or intimate exchanges, facilitating the expression of gratitude, apology, appreciation, and more. Overall, letter writing in English language not only bridges distances but also preserves sentiments and memories for posterity.

1. Select the correct way of salutation in writing a letter to a friend.

1) Dear Rama,    2) Dear rama,   3) dear Rama,    4) dear rama,

2. What would you say in the opening part of formal letter?

1) Ask how good the weather is in the recipients city

2) Inform the receipt why you are writing the letter

3) Discuss the recipient if he is hale and hearty

4) Discuss the how good the weather in city

3. The most commonly used “Leave taking” in business letters is

1) Yours faithfully,   2) Yours sincerely,

3) Yours Lovingly,  4) Yours Affectionately,

4. Choose the acceptable form of a subscription in letter writing .

1) Your’s Affectionately,

2) Yours Affectionately,

3) Yours’ Affectionately,

4) Yours affectionately,

5. The Salutation and the complimentary close that go together are

1) Dear sir…yours sincerely,

2) Mr.Robert…..Yours sincerely,

3) Dear Ms.Mary …….Your’s faithfully,

4) Dear Sir….Yours affectionately,

6. The phrases yours sincerely/faithfully/truly are called

1) signature    2) subscription

3) salutation   4) heading

7. Choose the type of letter in which you write the sentence below: 

I have the honor of inviting your attention to the water problem in our area.

1) Informal letter    2) Friendly letter  

3) Formal letter    4) Personal letter

8. ‘The heading’ in writing a letter includes

1) The address of the person to whom you are writing

2) The writers address and date

3) The greetings

4) The writer’s address

9. The most important part of the letter is

1) The address of the sender

2) The text or body of letter

3) Salutation

 4) Subscription

10. The preferable salutation for official letter is

1) Sir,   2) Respected Sir,

3) Revered Sir,   4) Honored Sir,

11. The proper subscription for an editor of a news paper

1) Yours sincerely,   2) yours obediently,

3) yours lovingly,    4) yours truly,

12. A personal letter is written to

1) The collector of the district

2) The editor of a news paper

3) Friends and relatives

4) The principal of a college

13. If you don’t know the recipient’s name, you would close the letter with:

1) With love,    2) Yours sincerely,

3) Yours faithfully,   4) Yours obediently,

14. The incorrect subscription for formal official letters is:

1) Yours lovingly,   2) Yours Sincerely,

3) Yours faithfully,    4) Yours obediently,

15. In letter writing “subscription” means

1) Courteous greetings to the addressee

2) The message of the letter

3) The address of the receiver

4) The address of the sender

16. One of the following opening sentences is not suitable for a formal or official letter. Choose the wrong one

1) I feel honored to write to you …

2) I have honor of inviting your attention …

3) this is to inform you that….

4) it has been very long time since you wrote to me

17. The proper subscription for all official letters is

1) Yours truly,    2) Yours obediently,

3) Yours faithfully,   4) Yours sincerely,

18. A letter expressing condolence is:

1) A business letter   2) An informal letter

3) A formal letter   4) An official letter

19. Personal or informal letter include:

1) Letter of complaints and suggestions

2) Enquiry letters to news papers

3) Letters written to officials

4) Letters written to family members or friends

20. Choose the concluding sentence that can be written in a formal letter

1) We are missing you here

2) Thank you

3) With live

4) Give my regards to your parents

21. The proper subscription for all personal letters is.

1) Yours sincerely,    2) yours obediently,

3) Yours lovingly,    4) yours truly,

22. The following is to be said in the opening part of the letter to your friend.

1) Ask the receipt if he is good at English

2) Inform the receipt why you are writing the letter

3) Talk about cops in the village

4) Ask the person about his well being

23. I completed my Intermediate with 70% of marks. I can speak English and Telugu fluently.

1) In a letter of invitation

2) In a letter of applying leave

3) In a job letter

4) In a letter about complaining against something

24. We usually do not write the following in a letter to friend.

1) Asking about his life

2) Asking about his welfare

3) Asking about weather

4) Telling him/her about our educational qualifications

25. The body of the letter is also called

1) The superscription

2) The subscription

3) salutation

4) The message or communication

26. Choose the salutation to your father while writing a letter.

1) Respected father,   2) Mr.father,

3) My dear father,    4) Sir,

27. When we want share our feelings with our friends, we choose to write.....

1) a poster   2) a diary

3) a news paper    4) a letter

28. In an informal letter “Yours lovingly” is used in this part of a letter

1) body   2) opening

3) closing   4) message

29. I request you to attend my sister’s marriage on 9th March along with your family. The above line appears in

1) A letter of invitation

2) A diary entry

3) An essay on marriages

4) A description

30. The subscription in a letter should be written

1) At the end of the body, on right hand side

2) At the beginning of the letter, on left hand side

3) After the date at left hand side

4) After the signature at right hand side

31. In a personal letter we find the phrase “with love” in

1) The body   2) The heading

3) The opening   4) The closing

32. You address the receiver of a personal letter as:

1) Hello sir,   2) Dear Mr.,

3) My dear,   4) Dear sir,

33. In a letter “the heading” consist of

1) subscription 

2) a quotation

3) the writer’s address and the date

4) the signature of the writer

34. Choose the correct complimentary close for a personal letter to an intimate friend.

1) Yours sincere friend,

2) Yours sincerely,

3) Yours affectionately,

4) Yours faithfully,

35. The salutation in a personal letter always appears:

1) At the right hand margin

2) At left hand margin

3) At top of the letter 

4) After closing

36. Choose the private letter from the following.

1) A letter to college principal

2) A letter to post master

3) A letter of invitation

4) A letter of compliant

37. In a formal letter “heading” consists of

1) Closing part   2) Place and date

3) Salutation   4) Subscription


38. Choose the most suitable salutation of a letter to the editor

1) Yours sir/ madam,   2) Mr.Editor,

3) Sir/ madam,   4) Dearest Sir/ Madam,

39. Subscription in a letter consists of

1) Address of the receiver  2) Place and date

3) Body of the letter   4) Heading


1-1; 2-2; 3-2; 4-4; 5-2; 6-2; 7-3; 8-2; 9-2; 10-1; 11-4; 12-3; 13-2; 14-1; 15-3; 16-4; 17-3; 18-2; 19-4; 20-2; 21-3; 22-4; 23-3; 24-4; 25-4; 26-3; 27-4; 28-3; 29-1; 30-1; 31-4; 32-3; 33-3; 34-3; 35-2; 36-3; 37-2; 38-3; 39-1.

Posted Date : 18-02-2024

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