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Fillers/ Fill in the blanks


Directions (Qs.1 - 10): A sentence is given with a blank space, indicating that one word has been omitted from it. select the word that closely fits within the blank, thereby making the sentence meaningful and grammatically correct.

1. In today's interconnected and globalized world, banking plays an ........... role in facilitating the smooth functioning of the economy, by providing a range of financial servicesto individuals, businesses, and governments, such as deposit-taking, lending, and payment and settlement systems.

A) integral   B) partial    C) external   D) practical    E) deceptional

Explanation: The missing word in the sentence is "integral." The sentence highlights the importance of banking in the modern world, where itn serves as a vital mechanism for the functioning of the economy. Banking facilitates financial transactions, enables savings and investment, and provides credit to individuals and businesses. The word "integral" emphasizes that banking is an essential and necessary part of the economic system and highlights the importance of the services it provides. 

Ans: A

2. ....... accounts are a popular choice for individuals who want to earn interest on their savings while having the flexibility to withdraw funds without penalty.

A) Credit   B) Savings    C) Bank    D) Fixed    E) Recurring

Explanation: The correct word to use in the sentence should be "savings". A savings account is a type of deposit account offered by banks that allows customers to deposit money and earn interest on their balances. These accounts typically have a lower interest rate than other types of accounts, such as certificates of deposit or money market accounts, but they offer more flexibility when it comes to withdrawing funds. Some savings accounts may also have minimum balance requirements, monthly maintenance fees, or other restrictions. 

Ans: B

3. Secured loans typically have ...... interest rates than unsecured loans, as the former involves collateral that reduces the risk for the lender.

A) higher   B) anonymous    C) lower   D) dynamic    E) transactional

Explanation: The missing word is "lower". This sentence highlights the difference in interest rates between secured and unsecured loans. Secured loans are backed by collateral, such as a property or a vehicle, which the lender can seize if the borrower defaults on the loan. As a result, these loans are less risky for the lender, and therefore, they offer lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans, which do not require any collateral. Unsecured loans, such as personal loans and credit card loans, are riskier for the lender as there is no collateral to secure the loan. 

Ans: C

4. The ....... has greatly impacted the way banks operate by providing faster, more efficient, and secure ways of handling transactions, managing customer data, and automating various processes.

A) necessity     B) importance    C) eagerness     D) technology     E) limitations

Explanation: The missing word in the sentence is "technology". Technology has revolutionized the banking industry in recent years. With the use of technology, banks are now able to offer services like online banking, mobile banking, and digital wallets, which provide customers with easy access to their accounts and transactions. Banks are also using technology to automate various processes, such as account opening, loan processing, and customer service. This has resulted in faster and more efficient services for customers. Additionally, technology has enabled banks to enhance security measures, such as biometric authentication and two-factor authentication, to protect customer data and prevent fraud.

Ans: D

5. The Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) was launched in August 2014 with the objective of ........ the unbanked population of India by providing them access to banking services such as savings and deposit accounts, remittance, credit, and insurance facilities, thereby promoting financial inclusion and socio-economic development in the country.

A) drowning     B) dividing    C) excluding   D) discouraging    E) empowering

Explanation: The missing word is "empowering". The sentence highlights the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), a government scheme related to banking launched in India in 2014. The scheme aims to empower the unbanked population of India by providing them access to various banking services. Through this scheme, the government intends to promote financial inclusion and socio-economic development in the country. 

Ans: E

6. ....... is a type of banking fraud where fraudsters send emails pretending to be from a legitimate financial institution to trick customers into disclosing their personal information such as login credentials and account details.

A) Phishing    B) Fishing     C) Netting    D) Frauding    E) Looting

Explanation: "Phishing" is the correct word. Phishing is a type of banking fraud where fraudsters use social engineering tactics such as sending personalized emails to trick customers into providing their sensitive information. Banks can prevent this type of fraud by educating their customers about the risks and implementing additional security measures such as two-factor authentication methods to verify the identity of the user. By doing so, banks can protect their customers' accounts from being compromised and prevent financial losses due to phishing attacks. 

Ans: A

7. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is responsible for ...... and supervising the banking sector in India, formulating and implementing monetary policies, managing the country's foreign exchange reserves, and issuing currency notes, among other functions.

A) generating    B) regulating    C) executing   D) suspending    E) randomising

Explanation: The missing word is "regulating ". The sentence describes the broad functions of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which is India's central bank and the regulatory authority for the banking sector. The RBI is responsible for overseeing the functioning of all banks operating in India, including foreign banks, and ensuring their compliance with various regulations. Additionally, the RBI plays a crucial role in maintaining price stability and controlling inflation through its monetary policy measures. It also manages the country's foreign exchange reserves and issues currency notes and coins.

Ans: B

8. UPI (Unified Payments Interface) transactions and Mobile wallets have become popular payment methods in recent years, offering customers a ..... and secure way to make transactions using their smartphones.

A) hard    B) distress    C) convenient   D) complex    E) volatile

Explanation: The missing word in this sentence is "convenient". The sentence highlights the increasing popularity of UPI payments and mobile wallets as a payment system and electronic mode of transaction. Mobile wallets and UPI service providers such as Airtel Payments Bank, Google Pay and Apple Pay, etc. allow users to store their credit/ debit card information securely on their smartphones and make transactions quickly and easily, without the need for physical cards or cash. Mobile wallets are gaining popularity due to their convenience, security, and ability to integrate with other mobile banking and payment systems. 

Ans: C

9. ....... is crucial for customers to make informed financial decisions and avoid falling into debt traps, as it helps them understand concepts like interest rates, credit scores, budgeting, and investment options, which are essential for managing their personal finances effectively and achieving their long-term financial goals.

A) SMS banking    B) Credit card offers   C) Internet banking    D) Financial literacy   E) ATM card

Explanation: The missing word in the sentence is "Financial literacy". Financial literacy refers to the knowledge and skills that individuals possess to make informed and effective financial decisions. It involves understanding basic financial concepts and products, such as savings, loans, investments, credit, and insurance, and using this knowledge to manage personal finances, make informed investment decisions, and plan for long-term financial goals. Financial literacy is critical for individuals to avoid falling into debt traps, make informed financial decisions, and achieve financial independence.

Ans: D

10. Banks play a crucial role in promoting ........... and small businesses by providing them with access to capital, financial advice, and other resources they need to succeed.

A) UPI payments    B) loan services    C) credit cards    D) growth   E) entrepreneurship

Explanation: The missing word is "entrepreneurship". This sentence emphasizes the important role that banks play in supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. By providing funding and financial guidance, banks can help new businesses get off the ground and existing businesses grow and expand. Additionally, banks often provide other resources like networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and educational materials to support the success of small businesses.

Ans: E

Some Useful Tips...

* Read the sentence carefully: Before

attempting the question, it is important for candidates to read the sentence carefully and understand the meaning of the words used in it. This will help them in determining the context of the sentence and make it easier to make the correct answer.

* Use context clues: Context clues are

words or phrases present in the sentence that provide hints or clues about the missing word or phrase in the given sentence. Candidates should look for these clues to find the correct answer.

* Improve vocabulary skills: Vocabulary

knowledge is essential for solving fill in the blank questions. So, candidates must study common banking terms, financial concepts, and other relevant vocabulary to score good marks in this section.

* Be aware of idioms and phrasal verbs:

Some fillers may require knowledge of idiomatic expressions or phrasal verbs. So, candidates should make sure to brush up on those topics before attempting to solve such questions.

* Practice regularly: There is a famous

proverb: "Practice makes perfect!". The more you practice solving fill in the blank questions, the better you will become at

it. So, candidates should attempt model exams and take help of study materials for their regular practice.

Posted Date : 13-06-2023


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