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Choose The Right Answers

1. Neither a lender, nor a ______ be!
    a) payee               b) borrower         c) remitter          d) banker


2. Although Shylock was a cruel  money lender, his daughter Jessica was a ______ lady.
    a) sweet               b) nice                  c) cunning            d) kind

3. The boxer has a very ______ body, but a weak mind.
    a) mighty             b) heavy               c) strong                d) stout


4. Most of the questions in EDCET question paper were very simple. The last three were     ______
    a) critical               b) ordinary         c) special             d) tense


5. Doctors advise to eat a light meal at night, but not a _______ one.
    a) heavy                 b) bulky              c) big                     d) plenty


6. The green grocer buys vegetables in villages and _______ them in the city.
    a) profits               b) sails                 c) sells                  d) exchanges                              


7. Generally literacy is higher in _______ areas than in rural areas.
    a) clumsy             b) slum                 c) prosperous                d) urban


8. Don't tell lies. Please tell the ______
    a) right                  b) truth                 c) fact                             d) relevance


9. If you are late to the show, you can't find a convenient seat. So do go ______.
    a) soon                   b) immediately    c) early                          d) briskly


10. The more I try to ______ names, the more I forget.
    a) remember          b) recall                c) relieve                       d) revise


11. The sun gives us ______ light, but electric lamps gives us artificial light.
     a) bright                b) natural               c) sparkling                  d) luminous


12. No social change should be sudden, all changes should be ______
      a) regular             b) punctual             c) slow                          d) gradual


13. These children are very rude. Why don't they be ______?
       a) polite              b) honest                c) kind                            d) generous


14. He is a sanyasin. He treats pains and ______ alike.
       a) troubles                b) conveniences              c) pleasures           d) opportunities


15. The farmers were hoping there would be an increase in the production, but actually there was a ______.
       a) surplus                  b) decrease                     c) fall                        d) shortage


ANSWERS: 1-b;   2-d;   3-c;   4-a;   5-a;    6-c;  7-d;     8-b;   9-c;   10-a;   11-b;   12-d;   13-a; 14-c;   15-b


One word in each list is spelt wrongly. Underline the wrongly spelt word:

1. a) tenant b) accountant c) transparent d) restaurent              Ans: --------
2. a) tourist b) conspiration c) conistable d) hesitation                Ans: --------
3. a) tournament b) governament c) pregnant d) testament     Ans: --------
4. a) kerocene b) ancient c) sense d) sentence                              Ans: --------
5. a) village b) bondage c) collage d) prestige                                Ans: --------


ANSWERS: 1-d;     2-c;    3-b;    4-a;    5-c.

Posted Date : 13-02-2021



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