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If  and  Unless

Fill in the blanks with the right form of the verb in brackets ('If' / 'unless' usage):

1. a. The rain may stop. Then the match will be resumed.
    b. If the rain _________ (stop), the match ____________ (resume).


2. a. He should work hard. He can get a good result.
    b. If he _______ (work) hard, he ________ (get) a good result.


3. a. Run fast to catch the bus.
    b. If you ______ (run) fast, you may catch the bus.


4. a. I don't know her name. I cannot call her.
    b. If I ________ (know) her name, I __________ (call) her.


5. a. I am not a bird. I cannot fly.
    b.If I _____ (be) a bird, I _________ (fly). 


6. a. He did not come in time. He missed the lecture.
    b. If he __________ (come) in time, he might not _______ (miss) the lecture.


7. a. He was angry. He did not answer my questions.
    b. If he ________ (be) angry, he ____________(answer) my questions.


8. a. He didn't have enough money. He could not buy the house.
    b. If he _______ (have) enough money, he ___________ (buy) the house.


9. a. He couldn't run. His ankle was swollen.
    b. If his ankle __________ (be, swell), he _____ (run).


10. a.We can't appreciate light if haven't known darkness.
      b.Unless we have __________ (know) darkness, we can't appreciate light. 


11. a. We cannot kill a tree without digging out its roots.          
      b. Unless we _________ (dig) out the roots, we cannot kill a tree.


12. a. She should know the truth. Then, she can forgive you.
      b. Unless she __________ (know) the truth, she can not forgive you.


 Answers:  1.(stops, will be resumed)    2.(works, can get)    3.(run)      4.(knew, could call)   5.(were, could fly)         6.(had come, have missed)        7.(had not been, would / could / might have answered)       8.(had had, could have bought)      9.(had not been swollen, could have run)          10.(known)    11. (dig)    12. (knows)

Posted Date : 13-02-2021



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