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Textual Grammar 

* Adverbs of manner:
    ఈ కింది వాక్యాన్ని చూడండి 
* every one warmly welcomed the return of the talented dancer. warm అనే adjective కు ly చేరి warmly అనే adjective  ఏర్పడింది. అంటే ... warmly... in a warm way  అని. మరి కొన్ని పదాలు చూడండి.
          Adjectives                             Adverbs                                  Meanings
          beautiful                             beautifully                           in a beautiful manner
          happy                                  happily                            in a happy mood
          marvellous                         marvellously                     in a marvellous way
          good                                    well                                  in a good manner
          fast                                      fast                                   in a fast way
* Adverbs of manner give more information about the way in which an event or action takes place.
eg:  1. Knock at the door gently.     2. We played well in the Commonwealth Games.



Fill the blanks in the following sentences with the appropriate pair of Adverbs given in the box.
             a) slowly and steadily                     b) graciously and profusely
             c) frankly and freely                       d) awkwardly and stiffly
             e) sweetly and melodiously           f) quietly and calmly


1. The thief slipped out_________

2. Satheesh always expresses his opinions______. He is not afraid of anyone.

3. Abhi needs to improve his technique. He is batting rather________ at the moment.

4. What a wonderful singer Rehman is! He sings so____

5. _____ Mamatha has worked her way to the top.

6. On the eve of his retirement, the general thanked his colleagues_________
ANSWERS:     1. f    2. c     3. d      4.e     5. d      6.b

Posted Date : 13-02-2021



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