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1.  Generally students hesitate to ask questions. Teachers should discourage such ___
          a) hesitant                     b) hesitating                           c) hesitation


2.  Pranav exhibited his paintings, The ____ was wonderful.
          a) exhibition                 b) exhibitionism                     c) exhibitor


3.  Permit me to attend the function, I need your ____
          a) permissible              b) permissive                         c) permission


4.  Obedience is a good virtue. Students should be ____ to their teachers.
          a) Obedient                  b) Obeisance                           c) Obedientl


5.  We consult the doctor for our ill health. We pay ____ fee.
          a) consulting                 b) consultation                       c) consultant     


6.    Be happy and you will find ... in yourself.
         a) happily                      b) happy                             c) happiness


7.    The teacher advised him to buy a dictionary. But he didn't follow his ___
         a) advice                        b) advise                             c) advisory


8.    Forests produce food and wood. We have to increase the forest ____
         a) Product                      b) Productivity                  c) Production


9.    Be punctual, ____ develops confidence.
         a) punctuality                b) punctually                     c) punctuation


10.  To be ____ in life, stop worrying about success.
         a) successive                  b) successful                      c) succeed       


11.  Children are always curious. Their ____ is amazing .
         a) curiosity                     b) curiously                        c) curious


12.  Kalpana tried to amuse her little sister by telling her an ____ story.
         a) amusement                b) amusing                         c) amuse


13.  He led a luxurious life, His ____ landed him in debts.
         a) luxuriant                     b) luxuriate                       c) luxury

Answers:       1) c;      2) a;      3) c;      4) a;       5) b;     6) c;       7) a;       8) b;       9) a;    10) b;     11) a;      12) b;       13) c.

Posted Date : 13-02-2021



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