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• There are four main directions -

⇢ East,
⇢ West,
⇢ North and
⇢ South as shown.

• There are four cardinal directions –

⇢ North-East (N-E),
⇢ North-West (N-W),
⇢ South-East (S-E),and
⇢ South-West (S-W) as shown.

1. At the time of sunrise if a man stands facing the east, his shadow will be towards west.
2. At the time of sunset the shadow of an object is always in the east.
3. If a man stands facing the North, at the time of sunrise his shadow will be towards his left and at the time of sunset it will be towards his right.
4. At 12:00 noon, the rays of the sun are vertically downward hence there will be no shadow.
5. By default the direction of a man facing becomes north unless it is mentioned.


Directions (Qs.1-10): Select the correct alternative from the given choices.

1. Karuna is facing South-West. She turns 270° in clockwise direction and then 135° clockwise direction. Which direction is she facing now?
1) North-East          2) West          3) South          4) South                5) North-West


2. One morning Rakesh facing to the sun. He turns 540° in clockwise and then 135° in anitclokwise direction. Which direction Rakesh facing now?
1) South-East         2) East         3) North-West           4) South-West          5) North-East
Sol: Morning facing sun means he is facing East.


3. Raju facing towards South moved straight 12km and from there turned to his left 90° and travelled 10km. Then he took a 45° turn to his right and travelled 5km. In which direction was his staring point with respect to his reaching point?
1) North-East            2) South-East          3) East          4) South          5) North-West 


4. Mounika travels 40km North, turns right and goes another 58km. Then turning to South travels 40km. Again turn to the West and walks 43km How far she is from her starting point?
1) 101km            2) 43km            3) 15km           4) 83 km            5) None of these


5. Shankar walks 40m towards North then turning to his right he walks 50m. Then tuning to his left, he walks 30m. Again he turns to his left and walks 40m. How far is he from initial position?
1) 50                  2) 60                  3) 50√2            4) 60√2              5) None of these 


6. Amla walking towards East and covers 200 meters, then she turns left and walks 300 meters. Finally turns to right and walks 200m. How far(short distance) and in which direction is the final point with respect to the starting point?
1) 500m, North-East             2) 700m, North-West
3) 400m, East         4) 500m, East          5) 700m, South


7. Point A is 30m to the South of point B. Point C is 15m to the East of point A. Point D is 5m to the South of point C. Point D is exactly midway between points E and F in such a manner that point E. D and F from a horizontal straight line of 30m. Point E is to the West of pint D. How far and in which direction is point E form point B?
1) 35m, North        2) 30m, South          3) 25m, North        4) 35m, South          5) 25m, South 

Point E is South from point in 35m distance.  
Ans: 4


8. A compass was damaged and it's needle turned in such a manner that the pointer, which was showing North-East, is now showing East. One person went towards SouthWest as per above compass in which direction did he actually go?
1) West          2) North-West         3) East         4) North           5) South 

North-East turns to East, person went according to damaged compass. South-West but it is West actually, South-West means  actually it is West.
Ans: 1


9. One morning shiva observed that his shadow is falling behind him, which direction is he facing?
1) West              2) East           3) North           4) South            5) Cannot be determined
Sol: Early morning sun rises at East, if his shadow falls exactly behind shiva that means he is facing towards East.
Ans: 2


10. One evening Nitya and Navya were talking to each other face to face. If Navya's shadow was exactly to the right of Nitya, which direction Navya was facing?
1) West              2) North              3) South            4) East              5) Cannot be determined
Sol: In the evening sun is in West and so the shadow falls towards East. Navya's shadow falls towards right of Nitya so Navya is facing South.
Ans: 3 


Directions (Qs.11-12): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions. Point L is 15m to the North of point M. Point N is 15m to the East of point M. Point O is 10m to the South of point N. Point P is 7.5m to the West of point O. Point K is 10m to the North of point P.

11. How far is point K from point M?
1) 10 meters          2) 10.5 meters          3) 7.5 meters           4) 5.5 meters           5) 4 meters


12. Which of the following represents the direction of point L with respect to point P?
1) South-East         2) North-East         3) North-West          4) South           5) South-West 

11-3; Distance between point K from point M is 7.5 meters


12-3; Point L is in North-West with respect to point P.

Directions (Qs.13-14): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions. Bhuvana starts from her home, walks 225m towards West and turns to her right and walks 120m, again she turns to the North and walks 120m, then she turns to her right and walks 85m, then she turns South and walks 160m, then she turns to her left and walks 140m. Again she turns left and walks 160m and stopped.

13. Finally how much distance Bhuavana travelled vertically?
1) 350m                 2) 410m             3) 560m            4) 660m          5) None of these         


14. What is the vertical distance between Bhuvana’s stating point to final point?
1) 410m             2) 160m             3) 350m           4) 240m             5) None of these 

13-3; Total Vertical distance travelled by Bhavana
= (120 + 120 + 160 + 160)  = 560m


14-4; Vertical distance between Bhavana’s starting point to final point
= (160m + 80m) = 240m

Posted Date : 06-07-2021



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