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Sentence Copmletion

Model Questions

Directions (Qs. 1 - 6): Fill in the blanks with appropriate words given below.

1. The proposed Environmental Laws Bill ........ substantial damage as an act of violation, omission or negligence by which the community
at ........ is affected due to pollution damage to land, air or water.

a) revokes, all   b) includes, least

c) excludes, par d) inserts, large

e) empowers, best

Explanation: Meanings of the given options are:

Revoke: Officially cancel any order / bill

Include: to add Exclude: to remove

Insert: Put something into

Empower: To authorize / to make someone stronger.

A bill is a legislative proposal put before the members of legislation. Many things are inserted / included in a bill. So, we have two options (include and insert) to consider. The sentence here stated that the Environmental bills will do a greater damage. So, the victims’ number should also be higher. So, the words (inserts, large) suits best to the sentence. Ans: d

2. When I am an autocrat, I am a power ........ in the extreme. My direct method is to ........ power and control.

a) elaborate, develop b) possessive, reject

c) autocratic, engulf

d) perfectionist, explore e) dominating, seek

Explanation: Generally, people having ‘Power’ (it may be political, physical or any other) dominate other people to take control of them.

The words ‘dominating’ and ‘seek’ perfectly suits the sentence here. Ans: e

3. .......... in India has been the ........ of Small and Marginal Farmers.

a) Water, tenure b) Systems, outcome

c) Agriculture, preserve

d) Fertilizers, possessed e) Farmers, future

Explanation: We have three options to consider relating the ‘farmers’ here. They are ‘water’, ‘agriculture’, and ‘fertilizers.’ But the word ‘tenure’ means ‘time period’ only suits in the second blank of the sentence because many small and marginal farmers in the country are doing agriculture in a particular time period
(i.e., in rainy season only). So, option (a) is the correct answer. Ans: a

4. .......... keep the environment clean, by ........ on animal carcasses.

a) Birds, eating b) Vultures, scavenging

c) Animals, feeding d) Fish, gulping

e) Machines, encroach

Explanation: ‘Vultures’ are the animals that keep the environment clean by consuming the waste products remained in the dead animals. So, option (b) is the correct answer. Ans: b

5. The researcher had been .......... for some information when suddenly he ..... that he had noted down some of the facts in his diary.

a) looking, enquired b) aspiring, responded

c) hunting, realized d) leveled, suggested

e) generating, remembered

Explanation: Option (a) and option (c) will suit in the first blank. But, the second sentence suggested that the researcher noticed something
he had noted in his dairy. So, the word ‘realized’ suits the sentence appropriately. So, option (c) is the correct answer. Ans: c

6. Power to ........ the constitution ............ in parliament.

a) change, rests b) read, directs

c) revise, rests d) amend, vests

e) recommend, vest

Explanation: From polity, we learnt that the ‘constitution’ has the power to ‘change / modify’ a bill in the parliament. “Amend” means to change / modify. “Vest” means having power. So, option (d) is the correct answer. Ans: d

Directions (Qs. 7 - 11): In the following passage some words have been deleted. Fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given. Select the
most appropriate option for each blank.

Communication plays a ...(1)... role in the overall development of man. It can be learnt by our ...(2)... efforts. Today, success in our professional
life depends on our ...(3)... to read, write and speak well which results in effective communication. Barriers ...(4)... communication hinder the communication process. It is very important to ...(5)... these barriers so that the transmission of the message can be smooth.

7. Select the appropriate option for blank number (3).

a) ability b) agility c) accuracy

d) dependency e) requirement

Explanation: “Ability” is the correct option. Ability means capability to do something. The sentence explains that ‘If you are capable in reading, writing and speaking a language well, you can communicate effectively.’ Ans: a

8. Select the appropriate option for blank number (5).

a) strengthen b) overcome

c) succeed d) create e) delete

Explanation: Barriers means ‘obstacles.’ The sentence suggested that, the barriers of the communication can be defeated by effective reading, writing and speaking skills. The word ‘overcome’ suits best in this sentence. Ans: b

9. Select the appropriate option for blank number (1).

a) total b) not important

c) vital d) better e) lifeless

Explanation: Communication plays an important role in every person’s development. “Vital” also means very important. So, (c) is the answer. Ans: c

10. Select the appropriate option for blank number (4).

a) from b) against c) by

d) to e) for

Explanation: ‘Hinder’ means make it difficult for someone to do something. Barriers “to” communication make it difficult for you to do the
communication process. So, option (d) is the correct answer. Ans: d

11. Select the appropriate option for blank number (2).

a) contradictory b) unclear c) important

d) transparent e) conscious

Explanation: The sentence suggested that, communication can be improved by learning the language or having knowledge about the language we read, write or speak. Option (e) ‘conscious’ means ‘having knowledge of something’ suits appropriately to the sentence. Ans: e

Directions (Qs. 12 - 16): In the following passage some words have been deleted. Fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given. Select the most appropriate option for each blank. 

Watermelon is thought to have originated in Africa's Kalahari Desert. Believe it ...(1) ... not, the first recorded watermelon harvest ...(2)... nearly 5000 years ago in Egypt and is ...(3)... in Egyptian hieroglyphics on the walls of their ...(4)... buildings. This fruit was often placed ...(5)... the burial tombs of kings to provide nourishment in the afterlife.

12. Select the appropriate option for blank number (5).

a) in b) along c) with

d) after e) before

Explanation: Meanings of the given options (prepositions) are:

In: Inside something/ someone.

Along: Moving in a constant direction on a road/ path/ any horizontal surface.

With: Accompanied by some person or thing/ possessing something.

After: Behind someone/ something

Before: Infront of someone/ something.

Clearly the fruit should be placed “in” the burial tombs of kings to provide nourishment in the afterlife. Ans: a

13. Select the appropriate option for blank number (1).

a) and b) or c) but d) if e) then

Explanation: Meanings of the given options (conjunctions), except ‘then’ (then is an adverb) are:

And: ‘And’ is used to connect words of the same part of speech, clauses, or sentences, that are to be taken jointly.

Or: ‘Or’ is used to link the alternatives (here) 

But: ‘But’ is used to introduce a new phrase or clause contrasting with what has already been mentioned earlier.

If: ‘If’ is used to introduce a conditional clause.

Then: ‘Then’ is used to modify a verb – ‘at what time an action was done.’ 

“Or” is the correct answer here, as it has used to link the alternative ‘no’ to ‘yes’ (to believe) here. Ans: b

14. Select the appropriate option for blank number (2).

a) contained b) produced c) occurred

d) discovered e) invented

Explanation: Meanings of the given options are:

Contained: to have / hold something or someone.

Produced: made Occurred: happened

Discovered: Found (an already existed thing) unexpectedly during a search.

Invented: Created or designed something for the first time. 

Here, ‘the first recorded watermelon harvest’ indicated about the ‘happening’ of the event. So, option (c) is the correct answer. Ans: c

15. Select the appropriate option for blank number (3).

a) directed b) distributed c) diverted

d) depicted e) displayed

Explanation: Meanings of the given options are:

Directed: Managed / controlled

Distributed: Shared

Diverted: Changed the path from one direction to another direction.

Depicted: Represented something by drawing / painting.

Displayed: Shown something 

Here, the watermelon pictures in Egyptian hieroglyphics found on the walls of Egypt represented that a watermelon harvest was done there 5000 years ago. So, (d) is the correct answer. Ans: d

16. Select the appropriate option for blank number (4).

a) obsolete b) elderly

c) outdated d) buried e) ancient

Explanation: Meanings of the given options are:

Obsolete: Out of date / not in use

Elderly: Aged person Out dated: not in use

Buried: Covered / hidden underground

Ancient: Very old / existing from a very long time. 

The buildings mentioned here are very old and are existing from a very long time. So, (e) is the correct option. Ans: e

Tips to solve fill in the blanks

* Use Trial and error method: After analysing the structure of the sentence, candidates may often got confuse to choose the correct answer between two options or more. In such cases, trial and error option will be used to solve the question. The candidate must pick the option that which gives the appropriate meaning to the sentence.

* Use Elimination technique: In some questions, a sentence will have more than one blank to fill and a set of options will be given to fill them. In such cases, elimination technique comes into rescue. By placing each set of options in the given blanks, you can eliminate the options that does not make sentence logically and grammatically correct and helps you to find the correct option. This elimination technique can also be used for solving single blanked sentences.

* Re-read the sentence once you choose the correct answer: Once you choose your option, place that option in the blank and re-read the sentence. The output sentence should be logically and grammatically correct. If the sentence doesn’t make any sense to you, change the option till you get the correct answer.

Posted Date : 25-10-2021


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