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One Word Substitutions

  One word substitutions may be defined as single words that are used in place of a group of words to denote a person, an object, a place, a state of mind, a profession, etc. One word substitutions tend to obviate the reception of unnecessary words avoiding verbosity and ambiguity.

Direction (Qs.1-25): Select the option that can be used as a one word substitute for the given group of words.

1. An unconventional style of living.
A) Bigot      B) Bankrupt
C) Ascetic     D) Bohemian

2. A person who does not care for art and literature.
A) Philatelist       B) Philogynist
C) Philistine      D) Philanders

3. Which cannot be entered or captured by force.
A) Impregnable    B) Imposter
C) Insolvent     D) Invulnerable

4. A person who is recovering health after illness.
A) Cannibal    B) Convalescent
C) Chauvinist    D) Cynic

5. A person who acts against religion.
A) Hedonist    B) Henpecked
C) Honourary    D) Heretic

6. A person who is breaker of images and traditions.
A) Iconoclast    B) Illiterate    C) Martyr    D) Orphan

7. A person who lives in Seclusion.
A) Sadist    B) Recluse
C) Samaritan    D) Pedestrian

8. A person who is brilliant performer on stage.
A) Verbose    B) Virtuoso
C) Volunteer    D) Uxorious

9. A story that expresses ideas through symbols.
A) Axiom    B) Anomaly
C) Allegory    D) Almanac

10. A matter written by hand.
A) Manuscript    B) Indelible
C) Potable    D) Parable

11. A style meant to display one’s knowledge
A) Platonic    B) Pedantic    C) Inedible    D) Fatal

12. A remedy for all illnesses.
A) Panacea    B) Anonymous
C) Parable    D) Crusade

13. A decision made by public voting.
A) Venial    B) Transparent
C) Sacrilege    D) Plebiscite

14. A squirrel’s home.
A) Stable    B) Prey    C) Hive    D) Kennel

15. The place where bees are kept.
A) Apiary    B) Arena
C) Asylum    D) Aviary

16. A nursery where children of working parents are cared for.
A) Sheath    B) Lair    C) Creche    D) Sty

17. A medicine that induces sleep.
A) Soporific    B) Sinecure
C) Zodiac    D) Souvenir

18. A dress with medals/ ribbons worn at official ceremonies.
A) Convent    B) Burrow    C) Regalia    D) Elysium

19. An imaginary land with perfect Social order.
A) Utopia    B) Venial    C) Zodiac    D) Sinecure

20. A person who lends money at very high
A) Sculptor    B) Florist    C) Curator    D) Usurer

21. A person who draws maps.
A) Cartographer    B) Chauffeur
C) Sculptor    D) Anchor

22. A person who complies a dictionary.
A) Compere    B) Chauffeur
C) Curator    D) Lexicographer

23. A Government by the inexperienced persons.
A) Anarchy    B) Neocracy
C) Thearchy    D) Plutocracy

24. A Government by the worst citizen.
A) Kakistocracy    B) Autonomy
C) Anarchy    D) Theocracy

25. The killing of one’s children.
A) Uxoricide     B) Fratricide
C) Regicide     D) Filicide


1-D   2-C   3-A   4-B   5-D   6-A   7-B   8-B   9-C   10-A   11-B   12-A   13-D   14-B   15-A   16-C   17-A  18-C   19-A   20-D   21-A   22-D   23-B   24-A   25-D


1. Bohemian: Bohenianism is the practice of an unconventional life style.
Bigot: One who is filled with excessive enthusiam in religious matters.
Bankrupt: Who is unable to pay his debts.
Ascetic: Who leads an Austere life.

2. Philistine: A person who refuses to see the beauty or the value of art or culture.
Philatelist: A person who collects stamps.
Philogynist: A person who works for the welfare for women.
Philanderer: A person who amuses oneself by love making.

3. Impregnable: That cannot be broken into or taken by force.
Imposter: A person who pretends to be somebody else.
Insolvent: One who is unable to pay is debts.
Invulnerable: One that cannot be harmed.

4. Convalescent: Someone who is getting better after a serious illness or injury.
Ex: Most convalescent prefer to be cared for at home rather than in a hospital.

5. Heretic: A person who has beliefs that are against the principles of a particular religion.
Ex: They learned how catholics persecuted heretics in the middle ages.

6. Iconoclast: A person who strongly opposes generally accepted beliefs and traditions.
Illiterate: A person who does not know reading or writing.
Martyr: A person who dies for a noble cause.
Orphan: A person who has lost one’s parents.

7. Recluse: A person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people.
Sadist: One who feels pleasure by hurting others.
Samaritan: A person who helps the needy and the helpless.
Pedestrian: A person who goes on foot.

8. Virtuoso: A person who is extremely good at something, especially at playing a musical instrument.
Verbose: a style of face of difficult words.
Uxorious: A person who is extremely fond of one’s wife.
Volunteer: A person who offers one’s services.

9. Allegory: A story or play in which the chacters and events represent particular qualities that relate to morals, religion or politics.

10. Manuscript: An old document or book written by hand.
Indelible: A mark that cannot be erased.
Potable: Which is fit to drink.
Parable: A short story with a moral.

11. Pedantic: giving too much attention to formal rules or small details about understanding
or appreciating a subject.
Platonic: Which is something spiritual.
Inedible: Which is not fit to eat.
Fatal: The one which causes death.

12. Panacea: Something that will cure all illness.
Anonymous: The one who bears no name.
Parable: A short story with a moral.
Crusade: A religious war.

13. Plebiscite: A decision which is made by public voting.
Venial: A slight fault that can be forgiven.
Transparent: Which can be seen through.
Sacrilege: Violating the sanctity of religious places.

14. Prey: The nest of a squirrel, which are usually built of twigs.
stable: A house of shelter for a house.
Hive: A place for bees.
Kennel: A house of shelter for a dog.

15. Apiary: A place where people keep bees.
Arena: A place where people wrestle.
Asylum: A place for political refugees.
Aviary: A place where birds are kept.

16.Creche: A nursery where young children are cared for during the working day.
Sty: A place where pigs are kept.
Lair: The resting place of a wild animal.
Sheath: A case in which the blade of a sword is kept.

17. Soporific: A substance that induces drowsiness or sleep.
Sinecure: A job with high salary but a little responsibility.
Zodiac: Diagram showing the path of planets.
Souvenir: A thing kept in memory of an event.

18. Regalia: Traditional special clothes and decorations, especially those worn in formal ceremonies.
Burrow: The dwelling place of an animal underground.
Elysium: A paradise with perfect bliss.
Convent: A residence for nuns.

19. Utopia: A perfect society in which people work well with each other and are happy.
Venial: A slight fault that can be forgiven.
Zodiac: A diagram showing the path of planetary bodies.
Sinecure: A job with high salary with a little responsibility.

20. Usurer: A person who lends someone money with an agreement that the will pay back a very much larger amount of money later.
Sculptor : A person who gives shape to stone.
Florist: A person who deals in flowers.
Curator: A person who is incharge of a cricket pitch.

21. Cartographer: A person who makes or draws maps.
Chauffeur: A person who gives a motor car.
Sculptor: A person who gives shape to stone.
Anchor: A person who presents a television programme.

22. Lexicographer: One whose job is to write dictonaries.
Chauffeur: A person who drives a motor car.
Curator: A person who is incharge of a cricket pitch.
Compere: A person who introduces performing artistes on the stage programmes.

23. Neocracy: Government by the new or inexperienced.
Anarchy: Absence of Government.
Thearchy: A Government by the Gods.
Plutocracy: A Government by the Rich.

24. Kakistocracy: A form of government in which the worst persons are in power .
Autonomy: The right of self Government.
Anarchy: Absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual.
Theocracy: Government by the laws of religion.

25. Filicide: A person who kills their son or daughter.
Fratricide: The killing of one’s brother.
Regicide: The killing of one’s king or queen.
Uxoricide: Murder of one’s wife.

Posted Date : 14-04-2022

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