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Model Questions

Directions (Qs. 1- 14): In each of the following sentences, a part of the sentence is highlighted. Beneath each sentence, four different ways of phrasing the underlined part are indicated. Choose the best alternative from among the four.

1. Pinned beneath 4,50,000 kilos of tangled steel, it did not look as though Bob Fitch would make it out alive.
A) it did not look as though Bob Fitch would make it out alive
B) the chances of Bob Fitch making it out alive did not look probable
C) Bob Fitch didn't look as though he'd make it out alive
D) Bob Fitch did not look as if making it out alive possible

2. Aware of the board's antagonism. Alex had suggested that his presentation be deferred until next month's meeting
A) that his presentation be deferred until next month's meeting
B) the deferment of his presentation for next month's meeting
C) that the deferment of his presentation should be made until next month's meeting
D) that until next month's meeting, his presentation must be deferred

3. Neither Nepal requires the Indian citizens obtain passports to enter the country, or Bhutan does.
A) or Bhutan does B) Bhutan doesn't either
C) neither Bhutan does
D) not does Bhutan

4. Big corporate employers often require that candidates applying in their company for jobs have not only a degree in management but two years experience
A) but two years experience
B) also two years experience
C) but also two years experience
D) and also two years experience

5. The prices at chain stores are as responsible, if not more reasonable, as those at discount stores.
A) as reasonable, if not more reasonable, as those at discount stores
B) as reasonable, if not more as those, at discount stores
C) as reasonable, if not more reasonable, than those at discount stores
D) as reasonable, if not more reasonable, than discount stores.

6. More and more health professionals these days advocate walking as a superior form of exercise because it burns as many calories as jogging, works muscle groups that jogging does not, and the chances of stress related injuries are reduced
A) and the chance of stress related injuries are reduced
B) reducing the chance of stress related injuries
C) and the chance of stress related injury get reduced
D) and reduces the chance of stress related injury

7. Even though Tennessee William's plays have proved less popular than Shakespeare's and less influential than Shaw's they are no less important.
A) Shakespeare's and less influential than Shaw's they are
B) Shakespeare's and less influential than Shaw's he is
C) Shakespeare's are and less influential than Shaw's are, they are
D) Shakespeare and less influential than Shaw, he is

8. The exceptions were Ireland, where English colonization had begun in the previous century, and Scotland where literary English was already influencing the speakers of a tongue descended from the old Northumbrian dialect
A) where English colonization had begun in the previous century, and Scotland
B) where English colonization had began in the previous century, and Scotland
C) where English colonization was began in the previous century, and Scotland
D) where English colonization was begun in the previous century, and Scotland

9. Family affection for his offspring, on the one hand, of biscourse, he was, and on the other, was deep filial piety, and that cherishing fondness which springs from piety.
A) on the one hand, of course, he was, and, on the other
B) on the one hand, was of course, there and, on the other
C) in the one way, was of course, there and, in the other
D) in the one way, of course, he has, and, in the other

10. Unlike a typical suspense thriller which requires slick editing, the editing of a social tear jerker can afford to be more lax
A) the editing of a social tear jerker can afford to be more lax
B) the editing of a social tear jerker requires more Wim laxity
C) with the editing of a social tear jerker one can be more lax
D) a social tear jerker can afford to be more lax in its editing

11. Even though Indian voters agree there is waste and corruption in the government and that the government on the whole is ineffectual, it is difficult to find broad support for clean and efficient government.
A) Even though Indian voters agree
B) Despite the agreement among Indian voters to the fact
C) There is a consensus among Indian voters that
D) Much Indian voters may agree that

12. Seeing the results of the six-month inquiry, the first thought that comes to me is what struck me when he on was appointed to enquire the crime
A) enquire the crime
B) investigate the crime
C) communicate the obscurantism
D) nab the culprits

13. Spanning more than thirty years, Amitabh began his career with a nondescript film, and today he is the hero of a widely acclaimed movie such as Black.
A) Amitabh began his career with a nondescript film,
B) Amitabh's career began with a nondescript film,
C) Amitabh began his career with a nondescriptive film,
D) Amitabh's career was beginning with a nondescript film

14. Analysts predict that the rate of increase in direct taxes will drop, while the decrease in indirect taxes will rise.
A) the decrease in indirect taxes
B) those in indirect taxes
C) that in indirect taxes
D) that of decrease in indirect taxes


1-C 2-A 3-D 4-D 5-C 6-D 7-A 8-A 9-B 10-D 11-A 12-B 13-B 14-D


1. This is the case of a misplaced modifier. The modifying phrase should be followed by the noun or pronoun it modifies. Since Bob Fitch was beneath 4,50,000 kilos of tangled steel, what should follow the modifying phrase 'pinned beneath 4,50,000 kilos of tangled steel is "Bob Fitch". This narrows down our answer options to (C) and (D); however only (C) is grammatically correct.

2. There is no error in the given sentence. Option (B), (C) and (D) are unnecessarily verbose and are grammatically incorrect.

3. This is a case of incorrect correlative conjunction. The correct combination is 'Neither...nor'.

4. 'Not only...but also' is a correlative conjunction that is used in pair. If joins words of same part of speech, here nouns 'degree' and 'two years'.

5. When a comparison is made of prices at chain stores to that of discount stores, comparative degree 'more reasonable' is correct. This comparative degree is follow by 'than' and not 'as'. 'More reasonable' is the clue word here. 'As' is incorrect in the underlined part since it is used when there is adjective in the positive degree, as in the first part of the sentence.

6. There is an error of parallelism. The sentence has verbs in the simple present tense,'advocate', 'burns', 'works', and thus the last phrase should also start with a simple present tense of verb 'reduces' in order to maintain parallelism. 'Chances' is incorrect since it is a noun.

7. There is no error in the underlined part. The plays of Tennesse Williams are compared with the plays of Shakespeare and Shaw. The comparative degree 'less popular' in the first part and then 'less influential' followed by 'than' in the underlined part is correctly used.

8. The only correct form of the verb here is 'had begun' because in the past perfect tense we use the past participle form of the verb. Though 'was begun' in (D) is grammatically correct, it implies a doer, which is not present in this case.

9. The correct expression here is 'on the one hand' which means from one standpoint. 'In the one way' is an incorrect expression. So (C) and (D) can be neglected. (A) is incorrect because it is convoluted and ambiguous. A person can possess the qualities like family affection of filial piety so the correct expression should be 'he has' or 'there was' but not 'he was'. Only (B) gives us a structurally correct sentence.

10. This sentence needs a parallel construction such as ....unlike x …. y. The typical suspense thriller is compared to a social thriller. This comes out clearly only in (D). in other options, the suspense thriller is wrongly compared to the editing.

11. This sentence states a contradiction. Only (A) and (B) indicate such a contradiction. (B) gives rise to a convoluted sentence. Only (A) gives us a grammatically correct sentence. 

12. One does not enquire a crime, one investigates it.

13. Both options (A) and (C) have a modifier error as Amitabh's career and not Amitabh himself spanned more than thirty years. Between (B) & (D), the latter unnecessarily has the past perfect tense which is erroneous.

14. Option (D) is the best as the relative pronoun 'that' refers to the rate of and the comparison is parallel as the rate of increase is compared to rate of decrease.

This is like the "ERROR-SPOTTING" item in a different format. Both these items in Competitive Exams are meant to test your working knowledge of English. In fact these two things give you a chance to prove your mettle by scoring maximum marks in Exams. Here are a few model questions for your practice.

Directions (Qs. 1 - 31): Under each question, a part of a sentence is given in CAPITAL LETTERS and three alternates to the part in CAPITALS are given and named A, B, C. Pick out the correct alternative which, you think, can be used in place of the part in CAPITALS to improve the sentence. In case you think no improvement is needed, mark ‘D’ as your answer.

1. Hari IS working in Hyderabad since 2015.

A) had been        B) was       C) has been       D) No improvement needed

2. For the final exams, Ravi studied HARDLY and stood first in the college.

A) hard        B) hardest       C) hardening      D) No improvement needed 

3. Rani didn't like that movie. NOR I DID.

A) nor I do      B) nor did I      C) nor I was      D) No improvement needed


A) always watch       B) always has watched       

C) watching           D) No improvement needed

5. Our application for starting a Junior college in our town has been sent to the CONCERNED MINISTER.

A) Minister concerned       B) concerning Minister       

C) concern Minister          D) No improvement needed

6. My market research report is BASED AT A SURVEY.

A) based on a survey           B) base on an survey     

C) based from a survey       D) No improvement needed

7. Raju has convinced Rani TO WITHDRAWN her resignation.

A) to withdrew            B) to withdraw       

C) to withdrawing       D) No improvement needed

8. According to police, the lawyer couple murder in Hyderabad is a COLDBLOODED AND PRE-PLANNED one.

A) cold-blooding and pre-planning          B) cold-blooded and pre-plan

C) cold-blood and pre-planned               D) No improvement needed 

9.  We USUAL HAVE a family get-together almost every month.

A) usually have       B) usually has     C) usually having      D) No improvement needed

10. Sita is THE TALLEST OF the two sisters.

A) the tall of      B) the taller of      C) the tallied of         D) No improvement needed

11. That is a movie WORTH TO SEE more than once.

A) worth seeing        B) worth to seeing     C) worthy to see       D) No improvement needed

12. I often call my brother a DOUBTING THOMAS.

A) doubted Thomas       B) doubt Thomas      C) doubt Thomasing        D) No improvement needed

13. Our cricket team has reached the World Cup Finals, after winning MATCHES AFTER MATCHES.

A) matching after matching          B) match after match

C) matched after matched           D) No improvement needed

14. MANY A DOCTORS ARE moneyminded, people say.

A) Many a doctor are            B) Many doctor are

C) Many a doctor is              D) No improvement needed

15. Mohan is very intelligent and he GO TO THE COLLEGE daily.

A) went to the college            B) goes to college  

C) goes to the college           D) No improvement needed

16. Vasu's friends call him a wise man, but Vasu REGARDS as an ordinary person.

A) regards themselves           B) regards himself

C) regarding himself              D) No improvement needed 

17. My father goes to the office BY A CAR.

A) by car       B) by the car       C) by cars       D) No improvement needed

18. The child has been SUFFERING FROM fever since yesterday.

A) suffers from       B) suffering with       C) suffering by       D) No improvement needed

19. Pratap plays cricket every day, ISN'T IT?

A) isn't he?       B) hasn't he?        C) doesn't he?       D) No improvement needed

20. Old habits DIE HARDLY. (SSC (10+2) 2014)

A) die hard        B) dying hard       C) dead hard       D) No improvement needed

21. The CM with his minister WERE PRESENT at the marriage yesterday.

A) are present       B) is present       C) was present       D) No improvement needed

22. Twenty miles ARE a long distance to go.

A) is            B) were            C) has          D) No improvement needed

23. I have read A LITTLE of the book. (SSC - SEP - 2014)

A) a few pages      B) little pages      C) all page      D) No improvement needed

24. Raju has a meager income and it is very difficult for him to MAKE BOTH ENDS MEET.

A) made both ends meeting            B) making both ends meeting

C) make both end meeting             D) No improvement needed

25. Renuka AVAILED HERSELF of all the leave to her credit. (SSC - (10+2) NOV, 2014)

A) availed of         B) available of           C) availing of          D) No improvement needed

26. My brother is very lazy and IS HATING doing any kind of work.

A) was hating         B) hates     C) hate         D) No improvement needed

27. Amassing a lot of money is one of the desires WHICH ARE NEVER SATISFIED.

A) which is never satisfied            B) which are never satisfy

C) which is not never satisfied      D) No improvement needed

28. When in trouble, most people PRAY GOD for help.

A) are praying God         B) is praying God      C) pray to God       D) no improvement needed

29. To attend a marriage, Meena WENT TO THE TOWN yesterday.

A) has gone to the town          B) have gone to the town

C) went to town            D) No improvement needed

30. I NOT LIKE BEING disturbed when I am busy working.

A) does not like being            B) do not like being

C) have not like being            D) No improvement needed

31. Since our banking sector is growing at a rapid pace, banks are opening MANY BRANCHES in small towns and business centers.

A) much branches             B) numerous branch

C) numerical branches      D) No improvement needed 

Key With Explanations

1-C; When 'Since' is used as a preposition, see the sentence is in the Perfect Tense to show that the action started in the Past is still going on at the time of speaking.

2-A; Use 'Hard' to mean tough or a lot of something and 'Hardly' to mean 'little or not at all'. The words, 'stood first in the college' indicate that Ravi worked hard (a lot) for the exams.

3-B; When 'Nor' is used, the Helping Verb comes before the Subject (Nor did I + the Main Verb, sometimes optional).

4-D; If it is a habit with Vani, you can say, "Vani always watches TV''. But when her habit annoys you, then to express your disgust/ anger, you can also say, ''Vani is always watching TV''.

5-A; The word, "Concerned" has more than one meaning. Here 'Minister concerned' means the minister in charge of a ministry. But if you say Concerned Minister/ parents, it means 'worried' minister/parents.





10-B; When the comparison is between two persons or two things, use the Definite Article THE + Adjective in comparative form.


12-D; It is an expression from the Bible which means a person who habitually doubts everyone or everything.

13-B; Always use a 'Singular Noun + After + a Singular Noun' only like war after war.

14-C; It is a usage and so use always Many + A + Singular Noun + Verb in Singular, like 'many a student is a painter', 'many a singer is rich'.

15-B; When you go to school/ college as a student or as a teacher, do not use Articles before them. You can use Articles before those places in other cases.

16-B; The word, 'Regard' is a transitive verb. So after this, use a Noun or a Pronoun agreeing with the Subject in number and gender. As a Noun, Regard has a couple of meanings.

17-A; It is a fixed usage, so do not use Articles between. In other cases you can use Articles before the word, Car.



20-A; It is a fixed usage which means that it is very difficult for a person to give up his/her old habits.

21-C; When two Subjects are joined with the words, WITH or ALONG WITH, the verb must agree with the first Subject in number and Tense.

22-A; 'Twenty miles' is taken as a single item, a single Subject. Hence the Verb must also be Singular. 


24-D; It is a fixed usage which means to balance both income and expenditure.      

25-D. 26-B; Since 'My brother' is the Subject in Third Person Singular, the verb 'Hates' is suitable.


28-C; Use always,'Pray to God'.

29-C; Do not use Articles before the word, 'Town/village' when it is used to mean 'the home town' of a person.



Directions (1-38): Which one of the following phrases should replace the phrase underlined to make the sentence complete and grammatically correct. If you think that the sentence given as it is correct, mark 'no correction required' as your answer

1. My friends have convinced me withdraw my resignation.

1) in withdrawing me            2) for withdrawal of

3) to withdraw my           4) to withdraw mine

5) no correction required

2. The season being very favourable, Rahual seems to have been enjoyed the vacation.

1) have enjoyed          2) have been enjoy           3) be enjoyed           

4) had been enjoyed           5) no correction required

3. His changed attitudes did not go well within his family.

1) had not gone well within        2) went not well within  

3) could not go well into         4) did not go well with

5) no correction required

4. The boss says that every employee is entitled to all benefits from the late regulations.

1) underneath the later            2) below the latest              3) within the lately

4) under the latest             5) no correction required 

5. As compared to the last year there has been a sharp rise in interest rates.

1) sharper rise of             2) as sharp a rise        3) sharp rises in           

4) sharply rising            5) no correction required

6. Stocks worthy of rupees ten lakh were destroyed in the floods which occurred last year.

1) stocks worth of            2) stock worthy            3) stocks worth   

4) stockings worthy of          5) no correction required

7. The minister had make up his mind about going on the world tour all alone.

1) made minds          2) make his mind         3) make up his minding  

4) made up his mind         5) no correction

8. The committee has ruled out the possible raising taxes for this financial year.

1) possibly raised          2) possible rise of           3) possibility to raise

4) possibility of raising           5) no correction required

9. You delay in taking a decision conveys a negative impression.

1) you delay to take           2)  if you delay taking

3) your delay in taking          4)  to delay by taking         

5) no correction required

10. During the meeting, the minister was feeling very asleepy today as he had not slept well the previous night

1) very asleep        2) very sleeping         3) very sleepy           4) very sleep           5) no correction required

11. These days mobile phones dominated the world of teenagers.

1) is dominant the world             2) has been dominated the world

3) has dominated the world              4) dominate the world

5) no correction required

12. It is predicted that oil reserves will finished by 2034

1) reserves are finished           2) reserves would finish           3) reserves have finish

4) reserves should finish           5) no correction required

13. The standard of English in many schools and colleges are highly uneven

1) are being uneven          2)  are often uneven            3) is highly uneven

4) is highly unevenly           5) no correction required

14. Banks must be ensured that 18 percent of their loans is given to the agricultural sector.

1)  are ensured           2) have to ensure          3) being ensure       

4) should be ensured            5) no correction required

15. The majority of our employees in our all branches prefer our new office timings, which are convenience for them.

1) is convenient to          2) are convenience to            3) are convenient for        

4) convenience             5) no correction required

16. Being injured,one of the migratory  birds haven't flown south.

1) have not flown          2) doesn't flow           3) haven't flew           

4) has not flown             5) no correction required

17. It is disappointment that the majority of businessmen who took loans last year have failed to repay them.

1) is disappointment in            2) is disappointing that             3) is to disappoint

4) has disappointed to           5) no correction required

18. Since most medical text books are quite expensive that many students do not have access to them in our college.

1) more expensive than          2) so expensive that            3) very expensive

4) too expensive for              5) no correction required

19. Thankful to a combined effort, the NDMA, Fire Department, and police people were able to save many flood victims.

1) thankful for their          2) thanking the          3) thanks to a         

4) thanks through  which            5) no correction required

20. My brother wants a start a new business but he didn't  have any money.

1) thought to start          2) want to started            3) wanted to start

4) wants for start           5) no correction required

21. As Dr.Suneetha bought quite a number of books, she got a heavy discount.

1)  quite number          2) many number           3) some number

4) heavy number               5) no correction required 

22. Besides his wife, the CM's children and other relatives also attends the function.

1) also attended             2) too attended             3) also attending       

4) attended with           5) no correction required

23. It is necessary that all of us take any steps to reduce pollution soon.

1) we should take every             2) we have taken no

3) take some            4) take little               5) no correction required

24. Most of the officers whom involved in the deal had previously worked for multinational banks.

1) involvement in            2) involved in            3) involving whom

4) whose involved          5) no correction required

25. As her neighbours have loud parties every night, my sister doesn't complain. She prefers to ignore the incident.

1) even though her neighbours           2) because her neighbours

3) despite of her neighbours             4) should her neighbours

5) no correction required

26. Depending on the location you locate, the cost of setting up a new industry have vary from Rs 10 lakh to 10 crores.

1) was varied between             2) is varied between             3) will vary from

4) could vary around            5) no correction required

27. Although Mohan was new to the art of Murals painting, he give it a go.

1) giving it going           2) gave go         3) gives his go         

4) gave it a go             5) no correction required

28. When the crowd loved the wonderful performance by the young, upcoming singer, they gave her a stand ovation.

1) stood ovation            2) stand the ovation          3) standing ovation

4) stand coveted           5) no correction required

29. David was determined incompleting the project despite opposition from his detractors.

1) for completing           2) on completing              3) to complete

4) about completed           5) no correction required

30. On learning that his mother's health condition is very critical, ravi has reached home directly.  

1) have reached           2) has reached home direct             3) would reach home direct

4) will reach home direct              5) no correction required

31. We shall eat some now and save some for tomorrow

1) some and save           2) now some and some save           3) some now or save some             

4) now some and save some             5) no correction required

32. Sita waited to bated breath as the names of the top rankers were announced

1) with beated breath             2) as beated breath            3) along bated breath  

4) with bated breath           5) no correction required

33. Occupying by many meetings, our union leader did not reach home till midnight.

1) occupied of              2) by occupying             3) while occupying

4) occupied with             5) no correction required

34. My father is a men of few words, is very intelligent and is respected by one and all.

1) men of few word            2) man of few words              3) man of few wordings

4) man with few words             5) no correction required

35. Tarun tried hardly and that led to his success.

1) tried hard            2) trying hard           3) tried a bit hardly      

4) tried just hardly              5) no correction required

36. Sai Kumar failed in his attempts to disperse the mob before the miscreants sets the fire on the bus.

1) set fire to the bus              2) set the fire on to the bus               3) set the bus on fire

4) setting the bus on the fire          5) no correction required.

37. Since it was her engagement Yesterday, Sita dressed to kill.

1) dresses to kill             2) had dressed to kill               3) dressing to kill  

4) dressed to killings             5) no correction required

38. Several of our projects have delayed because the equipment we had ordered was delivered late

1) had delayed               2) have been delayed             3) has been delayed

4) are delayed since              5) no correction required

39. Taruni was so scared on seeing the tiger that she shooked like a leaf.

1) shaked like a leaf           2) shook like a leaf             3) was shooking like a leaf             

4) shook like a leaves             5) no correction required

KEY 1-2;  2-1; 3-4;  4-4;  5-5;  6-1; 7-4;  8-3;  9-3;  10-3; 11-4; 12-2;  13-3;  14-2;  15-3;  16-4;  17-2;  18-2; 19-3;  20-3;  21-5;  22-1; 23-3;  24-2;  25-1; 26-3; 27-4; 28-3; 29-3; 30-5; 31-5; 32-4; 33-4; 34-2; 35-1;  36-3;  37-5;  38-2; 39-2.

Posted Date : 21-05-2022

గమనిక : ప్రతిభ.ఈనాడు.నెట్‌లో కనిపించే వ్యాపార ప్రకటనలు వివిధ దేశాల్లోని వ్యాపారులు, సంస్థల నుంచి వస్తాయి. మరి కొన్ని ప్రకటనలు పాఠకుల అభిరుచి మేరకు కృత్రిమ మేధస్సు సాంకేతికత సాయంతో ప్రదర్శితమవుతుంటాయి. ఆ ప్రకటనల్లోని ఉత్పత్తులను లేదా సేవలను పాఠకులు స్వయంగా విచారించుకొని, జాగ్రత్తగా పరిశీలించి కొనుక్కోవాలి లేదా వినియోగించుకోవాలి. వాటి నాణ్యత లేదా లోపాలతో ఈనాడు యాజమాన్యానికి ఎలాంటి సంబంధం లేదు. ఈ విషయంలో ఉత్తర ప్రత్యుత్తరాలకు, ఈ-మెయిల్స్ కి, ఇంకా ఇతర రూపాల్లో సమాచార మార్పిడికి తావు లేదు. ఫిర్యాదులు స్వీకరించడం కుదరదు. పాఠకులు గమనించి, సహకరించాలని మనవి.



పాత ప్రశ్నప‌త్రాలు


విద్యా ఉద్యోగ సమాచారం


నమూనా ప్రశ్నపత్రాలు


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