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Wrongly Spelt Words

Directions (Q.NO.1 - 25): Four words have been written out of which three are correctly spelt and one is wrongly spelt. Find the wrongly spelt word.

1. A) Abandon     B) Abluant    C) Abetted     D) Abeyant

Explanation: Abluent: cleansing. 

Abandon: to leave somebody / something that you are responsible for

Abetted: encourage or assist someone to commit a crime. 

Abeyant: temporarily inactive

Ans: B

2. A) Cadaver     B) Caconym     C) Callaus     D) Calumet


Cadaver: the body of a dead person.

Caconym: An incorrect name for something.

Callous: not caring about the feelings or suffering of other people.

Calumet: a North American Indian peace pipe.

Ans: C

3. A) Abdicate     B) Aardwolf    C) Abattair     D) Eanling


Abdicate: to give up being King or Queen.

Aardwolf: a black-striped nocturnal African mammal.

Abattoir: a slaughterhouse.

Eanling: a newborn lamb

Ans: C

4. A) Haggard     B) Haddack    C) Hackle     D) Hakafoth


Haggard: having a worn or emaciated appearance

Haddock: a sea fish that you can eat and that lives in the North Atlantic

Hackling: To greatly irritate, annoy, or aggravate someone.

Hakafoth: a ceremony in the Jewish synagogue.

Ans: B

5. A) Obligate     B) Obitary    C) Oblivion     D) Obsolete

Explanation: Obsolete: no longer useful.

Oblivion: the state of being completely forgotten or unknown.

Obituary: a piece of writing about a person’s life that is printed in a newspaper soon after he/she has died.

Obligate: require or compel someone

Ans: B

6. A) Racketed     B) Radiance    C) Sabatage     D) Systolic


Racketed: make or move with a loud unpleasant noise.

Radiance: light or heat as emitted or reflected by something.

Sabotage: self-defeating attitude

Systolic: connected with the action of the heart when it contracts to force blood out.

Ans: C

7. A) Tabloids     B) Tactical    C) Taceturn     D) Reformer

Explanation: Tabloids: A tabloid is a newspaper that has small pages, short articles, and lots of photographs.

Tactical: connected with the particular method you use to achieve something.

Taciturn: tending not to speak very much.

Reformer: a person who tries to change society and make it better.

Ans: C

8. A) Theropod     B) Refugee    C) Regiccide     D) Theonomy

Explanation: Refugee: a person who has been forced to leave his/her country for political or religious reasons.

Regicide: the action of killing a king.

Theonomy: the state of an individual or society that regards its own nature and norms as being in accord with the divine nature.

Theropod: a carnivorous dinosaur of a group whose members were typically bipedal and ranged from small and delicately built to very large.

Ans: B

9. A) Abacterial     B) Habitint    C) Jabronis     D) Quackish

Explanation: Habitant: a person who lives in a particular place.

Jabronis: a foolish or contemptible person.

Quackish: boastfully pretentious

Abacterial: not caused by or characterized by the presence of bacteria

Ans: B

10. A) Abominable     B) Splendid    C) Acknowledge     D) Enormaus

Explanation: Abominable: shocking

Splendid: excellent

Acknowledge: to accept

Enormous: very big

Ans: D

11. A) Demolish     B) Tranqil    C) Dissimilarity     D) Objective

Explanation: Demolish: to destroy something

Tranquil: quiet and peaceful

Dissimilarity: difference

Objective: something that you are trying to achieve.

Ans: B

12. A) Enthusiatic     B) Spurious    C) Appreciate     D) Descend

Explanation: Enthusiastic: full of excitement

Appreciate: to enjoy something or to understand the value of somebody/something

Spurious : false

Descend: to go down to a lower place

Ans: A

13. A) Interpret     B) Fraudulent    C) Corpulant     D) Paunchy


Interpret : to explain or understand the meaning of something

Fraudulent: done in order to cheat somebody Corpulent: fat

Paunchy: having a large or protruding belly.

Ans: C

14. A) Terminate     B) Humorous    C) Unimaginative     D) Counterfiet

Explanation: Terminate: to end or to make something end

Humorous: funny

Unimaginative: not readily using or demonstrating the use of the imagination.

Counterfeit: not genuine

Ans: D

15. A) Disagreement     B) Recede    C) Camauflage     D) Loathe

Explanation: Disagreement: a situation in which people have a different opinion about something and often also argue

Recede: to move away and begin to disappear

Camouflage: materials or colours that soldiers use to make themselves and their equipment difficult to see

Loathe: to hate somebody/something

Ans: C

16. A) Assassinate     B) Conception    C) Neccesary     D) Indispensable

Explanation: Assassinate: the premeditated act of killing someone suddenly.

Conception: an understanding of how or what something is

Necessary: that is needed for a purpose or a reason

Indispensable: absolutely necessary

Ans: C

17. A) Fabricate     B) Dilapidated    C) Manufacture     D) Wagish

Explanation: Fabricate: to invent something false in order to deceive people

Dilapidated: old and broken

Manufacture: to make something in large quantities using machines

Waggish: humorous in a playful, mischievous, or facetious manner.

Ans: D

18. A) Fragment     B) Diminutive    C) Predicamant     D) Quandary

Explanation: Fragment: a small piece that has broken off or that comes from something larger

Diminutive: much smaller than usual

Predicament: an unpleasant and difficult situation that is hard to get out of

Quandary: a state of not being able to decide what to do; a difficult situation

Ans: C

19. A) Contemplate     B) Peculiar    C) Monstrous     D) Esteam

Explanation: Contemplate: to think carefully about something

Peculiar: unusual or strange

Monstrous: that people think is shocking and unacceptable because it is morally wrong or unfair

Esteem: held in great respect

Ans: D

20. A) Pleathora     B) Paradox    C) Caustic     D) Voracious


Caustic: able to burn or destroy things

Voracious: Very Greedy

Paradox: having seemingly contradictory qualities

Plethora: Extreme excess

Ans: A

21. A) Jostle     B) Gesticulate    C) Reticent     D) Lacanic

Explanation: Jostle: rough contact

Gesticulate: express

Reticent: formal

Laconic: brief

Ans: D

22. A) Badger     B) Interminable    C) Repramand     D) Cajole

Explanation: Badger: Annoy

Interminable: Tiresome

Reprimand: Rebuke

Cajole: to persuade a person to do something

Ans: C

23. A) Detriment     B) Lethargic    C) Prominant     D) Initiate

Explanation: Detriment: damage

Lethargic: deficient

Prominent: important

Initiate: to start something

Ans: C

24. A) Tantamount     B) Vanqish    C) Svelte     D) Wrath

Explanation: Tantamount: having the same effect, especially something bad

Vanquish: defeat

Svelte: delicate

Wrath: anger

Ans: B

25. A) Atheist     B) Evanescent    C) Guffaw     D) Maladiction

Explanation: Atheist: Someone who denies the existence of god

Evanescent: vanish

Guffaw: Laugh

Malediction: curse

Ans: D

Posted Date : 06-02-2023

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