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Directions (Qs. 1 - 25): In the following questions, a group of four words is given. In the group, one word is incorrectly spelt. Find the incorrectly spelt word.

1.    A) Augean     B) Moribund        C) Abtsruse      D) Ineptitude
Sol: Abstruse: Hard to understand
Augean: Difficult and Unpleasant
Ineptitude: Lack of skill
Moribund: No longer effective
Ans: C

2.     A) Bystandar        B) Idiosyncrasy     C) Aghast      D) Accrue
Sol: Bystander: A person who is present at an
event or incident but does not part.
Idiosyncrasy: An unusual feature
Aghast: Shocked
Accrue: Payments

Ans: A

3.   A) Officious    B) Synergy     C) Qibble      D) Progenitor
Sol: Synergy: The extra energy
Officious: Assertive of authority in a domineering way
Quibble: A small complaint
Progenitor: A person who starts an idea or a development
Ans: C

4.    A) Enthuse    B) Sanguine      C) Sumptuos      D) Protectionist
Sol: Enthuse: To make somebody feel very interested
Sanguine: Optimistic
Sumptuous: Very expensive
Protectionist: A defensor   

Ans: C

5.     A) Connote     B) Serpantine    C) Heyday     D) Inkling
Sol: Serpentine: Winding and twisting like a snake
Inkling: A slight knowledge or suspicion
Heyday: The period of a person’s or thing’s greatest success
Connote: To suggest a feeling, an idea, etc
Ans: B

6.    A) Destroy    B) Delecious    C) Dangerous     D) Difference
Sol: Dangerous: Something which is likely to cause injury
Delicious: Having a very pleasant taste or smell
Destroy: To damage something so badly that it can no longer be used or no longer exists
Difference: The way that people or things are not the same or the way that somebody/ something has changed

7.    A) Acrimany    B) Adversity    C) Admonish     D) Adherent
Sol: Acrimony: bitterness
Adherent: Follower
Admonish: reprove
Adversity: Misfortune

Ans: A

8.    A) Alleviate      B) Audacity      C) Arragn     D) Ascend
Sol: Alleviate: relieve
Audacity: Courage
Arraign: Incriminate
Ascend: Escalate

Ans: C

9.    A) Baroque      B) Barbarous     C) Busle     D) Barren
Sol: Barbarous: perplex
Baroque: Florid
Bustle: Commotion
Barren: Sterile

Ans: C

10.      A) Encumbrence      B) Eloquence     C) Equivocal     D) Epitome
Sol: Encumbrance: obstacle
Eloquence: fluency
Equivocal: uncertain
Epitome: precise

Ans: A

11.   A) Hamstrung    B) Humility    C) Impanitent      D) Indigent
Sol: Hamstrung: Cripple
Humility: the quality of having a modest
Impenitent: Obdurate
Indigent: Destitute

Ans: C

12.     A) Monotonous    B) Nigardly     C) Munificent     D) Nonchalant
Sol: Monotonous: tedious
Munificent: liberal
Niggardly: miser
Nonchalant: indifferent
Ans: B

13.    A) Sucinct    B) Sarcastic    C) Shrewd    D) Servile
Sol: Succinct: Concise
Sarcastic: Ironical
Shrewd: Cunning
Servile: Docile

Ans: A

14.    A) Peturbed    B) Paramount     C) Pertness     D) Precarious
Sol: Perturbed: anxious
Paramount: foremost
Pertness: flippancy
Precarious: doubtful
Ans: A

15.    A) Predicament    B) Qaint     C) Quack     D) Quarantine
Sol: Predicament: dilemma
Quaint: strange
Quack: deceiver
Quarantine: seclude
Ans: B

16.    A) Restrain     B) Remnant     C) Quibble     D) Rebelious
Sol: Quibble: prevaricate
Rebellious: attacking
Remnant: Residue
Restrain: Confine
Ans: D

17.    A) Incongruous    B) Insinuate     C) Intrigue     D) Inginuous
Sol: Incongruous: inappropriate
Ingenuous: undisguised
Insinuate: hint
Intrigue: conspiracy
Ans: D

18.    A) Fallacy     B) Fabricate     C) Ferrocious     D) Frivolous
Sol: Fallacy: mistake
Fabricate: produce
Ferocious: cruel
Frivolous: worthless
Ans: C

19.    A) Frugality     B) Glut       C) Disuade     D) Docile
Sol: Frugality: economy
Glut: stuff
Dissuade: Counsel
Docile: pliant
Ans: C

20.     A) Consequence     B) Callous     C) Camoflage     D) Captivate
Sol: Consequence: effect
Callous: Insensitive
Camouflage: Cloak
Captivate: Beguile
Ans: C

21.     A) Bewitching     B) Awkvard      C) Abortive       D) Adjunct
Sol: Bewitching: charming
Awkward: Rude
Abortive: unproductive
Adjunct: Joined
Ans: B

22.     A) Despiccable     B) Misfortune      C) Credible      D) Breakable
Sol: Despicable: Abject
Misfortune: Adversity
Credible: Authentic
Breakable: crisp
Ans: A

23. A) Malignant B) Commindation
C) Confinement D) Turbulent
Sol: Malignant: Cruel
Commendation: Praise
Confinement: imprisonment
Turbulent: Stormy
Ans: B

24.     A) Disinclination     B) Fraternity    C) Sympathetic      D) Incriment
Sol: Fraternity: Harmony
Sympathetic: Gentle
Increment: expansion
Disinclination: Indifference
Ans: D

25.     A) Pompous     B) Feminine     C) Magnanimos     D) Compassionate
Sol: Compassionate: merciful
Magnanimous: generous
Feminine: meek
Pompous: Arrogant
Ans: C

26.    A) Polemics     B) Remit    C) Salience     D) Cataclismic
Sol: Polemics: The practice of engaging in a controversial debate
Remit: Task/activity assigned to an individual/ organisation
Salience: The quality of being particularly noticeable or important
Cataclysmic: Causing sudden and violent

Ans: D

27.     A) Mangled     B) Goliath     C) Unfinching      D) Ferment
Sol: Unflinching: Remaining strong and determined
Goliath: A person or thing that is very large or powerful
Ferment: A state of political or social excitement and confusion
Mangled: Destroy or severely damaged by tearing or crushing
Ans: C

28.    A) Taciturn     B) Psycophant       C) Substantial      D) Tenacious
Sol: Substantial: solid
Sycophant: Parasite
Taciturn: Reserved
Tenacious: Stubborn
Ans: B

29.     A) Vicked      B) Yoke       C) Zenith      D) Winsome
Sol: Winsome: Comely
Wicked: vicious
Zenith: apex
Yoke: harness
Ans: A

30.     A) Submisive    B) Insignificant     C) Recalcitrant     D) Injurious
Sol: Insignificant: Trivial
Submissive: faithful
Injurious: baneful
Recalcitrant: insurgent
Ans: A

Posted Date : 06-08-2022

గమనిక : ప్రతిభ.ఈనాడు.నెట్‌లో కనిపించే వ్యాపార ప్రకటనలు వివిధ దేశాల్లోని వ్యాపారులు, సంస్థల నుంచి వస్తాయి. మరి కొన్ని ప్రకటనలు పాఠకుల అభిరుచి మేరకు కృత్రిమ మేధస్సు సాంకేతికత సాయంతో ప్రదర్శితమవుతుంటాయి. ఆ ప్రకటనల్లోని ఉత్పత్తులను లేదా సేవలను పాఠకులు స్వయంగా విచారించుకొని, జాగ్రత్తగా పరిశీలించి కొనుక్కోవాలి లేదా వినియోగించుకోవాలి. వాటి నాణ్యత లేదా లోపాలతో ఈనాడు యాజమాన్యానికి ఎలాంటి సంబంధం లేదు. ఈ విషయంలో ఉత్తర ప్రత్యుత్తరాలకు, ఈ-మెయిల్స్ కి, ఇంకా ఇతర రూపాల్లో సమాచార మార్పిడికి తావు లేదు. ఫిర్యాదులు స్వీకరించడం కుదరదు. పాఠకులు గమనించి, సహకరించాలని మనవి.



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