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* Tadpole: Robert briggs and Thomas J.King had successfully cloned northern leopard frogs in the year 1952.
* Carp: The world's first cloned fish produced by embryologist, Tong Dizhou of China by inserting the DNA from a cell of a male carp into an egg from a female carp.
* Mice: A mouse was successfully cloned from an early embryonic cell. Soviet scientists Chaylakhyan, Veprencev, Sviridova, and Nikitin had the mouse "Masha" cloned in the year 1986.
* Sheep: The first mammal being cloned (1984) from early embryonic cells by Steen Willadsen. Megan and Morag cloned from differentiated embryonic cells in June 1995 and Dolly the sheep from a somatic cell in 1996.
* Dog: Snuppy, a male Afghan hound was the first cloned dog in the year 2005.
* Horse: Prometea, a Haflinger female born 28 May 2003, was the first horse clone.

* Pig: The first cloned pig was produced in the year 2000.

* Rat: The first cloned rat, Ralph was produced in the year 2003.
* Cat: Copy Cat "CC" (female, late 2001), Little Nicky (2004) was the first cat cloned for commercial reasons.
* Camel: Injaz, is the first cloned camel produced in the year 2009.
* Water Buffalo: Samrupa was the first cloned water buffalo. It was born on 6 February 2009, at India's Karnal National Diary Research Institute but died five days later due to lung infection.

Posted Date : 03-02-2021


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