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    Plants are made up of organs like the roots, stems and leaves, and for sexual reproduction, they form flowers and fruit containing the seed. We can see these organs with the naked (unaided) eye and we therefore talk about the external structure of the plant. All these organs are made up of cells that we cannot see with the naked eye and need a microscope to see these cells. We therefore talk about the internal structure or the anatomy of the plant. Cells of the same kind and/or function form tissues like the epidermis, cortex and vascular tissue. Each tissue has a specific function in the plant organ and when we are talking about the function of the leaf, we must actually refer to the function of each kind of tissue inside the leaf like the stomata in the epidermis responsible for transpiration and gas exchange.


The main parts of the plant are of seven types, they are...
     1. Root system 
     2. Stem system 
     3. Leaf system 
     4. Inflorescence 
     5. Pollination 
     6. Fruit 
     7. Seed

Posted Date : 03-02-2021


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