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i. L.V.Prasad Eye Institute - Hyderabad:
     The mission of L.V. Prasad Eye Institute is to be a centre of excellence in Eye care services, basic and clinical research into eye diseases and vision-threatening conditions, training, product development, and rehabilitation for those with incurable visual disability, with a focus on extending equitable and efficient Eye care to underserved populations in the developing world.


ii. Center for Stem Cell Sciences – Hyderabad:
     Centre for Stem Cells Sciences, Hyderabad was formerly known as Centre for Liver Research and Diagnostics (CLRD) and was established as an advanced centre for research and excellence in the area of liver diseases under the leadership of Prof. C. M. Habibullah.
     The primary object of this unit is to carry out the extensive work at both the basic and applied aspects in the area of Heptology and Digestive Sciences. The institute has the state-of-art infrastructure to carry out the work at biochemical, cellular and molecular aspects of Hepatology and Digestive Sciences.


iii. National Brain Research Center – Haryana
       The National Brain Research Centre is an Autonomous Government Institute accredited with the deemed university status and is a nodal center under Department of Biotechnology of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.
iv. Reliance Life Sciences – Mumbai
v. National Center for Biological Sciences – Bangalore
vi. International Stemcell Bank – South Korea
vii. 1st Stem cell Bank in the world – London
viii. 1st Stem cell bank in India - Chennai

Posted Date : 03-02-2021


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