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North America

Area: 24,709,000 square km
Population: 565,265,000 (2013, 4th)
Pop. Density: 22.9/km2
        North America is the 3rd largest continent of the seven continents with respect to area while being the most populous continent after Asia, Africa and Europe. It shares its border with Atlantic Ocean to the east and Pacific Ocean to the west. The continent has a total of 23 countries. Canada, USA and Mexico are the most dominant countries in the North American continent. The North America covers an area of 9,540,198 square miles which makes it 3rd largest after Asia and Africa. Population of this continent is mainly based on data contained in US census Bureau and its average population is calculated to be 516,766,000. Mexico is the most populated country while Mexico is the city with largest population in North America. Island, as we all know, is a piece of land surrounded by water. North America is rich in islands and contains the Greenland which is the largest Island in terms of area. Its area is calculated to be 840,000 square miles. The climate of any region predominantly depends on the number and nature of rivers that flow through that country. Mississippi-Missouri is the largest river of North America and the fourth largest in the world. Its length is approximately 3600 miles. Climate plays a considerably significant role in the socio-economic development of a country.

Conversely, unfavorable climatic conditions pose a serious threat to its progress and prosperity.
      It's a pleasant fact that North America is a continent with every type of climate. Mount McKinley in Alaska is the tallest point on this continent and Death Valley, in California is the lowest point. Language is considered to be the prime source of conveying ones message to the fellow human beings. English and French are the officially declared languages of Canada while English is the official language of USA. Furthermore, a large number of Hispanian populations speak Spanish to. Economically, this continent is comprised of the world's most developed nations like Canada, USA and Mexico. These countries have dominated the world in the sectors of services, mining and manufacturing. USA has the most consolidated economy in the world. Moreover, North America has gained global recognition for being the biggest producers of corn, tobacco, soya bean and a large variety of other food and raw materials.
    Laurentia is an ancient craton which forms the geologic core of North America; it formed between 1.5 to 1.0 billion years ago during the Proterozoic eon. The Canadian Shield is the largest exposure of this craton. From the Late Paleozoic to Early Mesozoic eras, North America was joined with the other modern-day continents as part of the supercontinent Pangaea, with Eurasia to its east.

One of the results of the formation of Pangaea was the Appalachian Mountains, which formed some 480 million years ago, making it among the oldest mountain ranges in the world. When Pangaea began to rift around 200 million years ago, North America became part of Laurasia, before it separated from Eurasia as its own continent during the mid- Cretaceous period. The Rockies and other western mountain ranges began forming around this time from a period of mountain building called the Laramide orogeny, between 80 and 55 million years ago. The formation of the Isthmus of Panama connected the continent to South America about three million years ago, and the Great Lakes (as well as many other northern freshwater lakes and rivers) were carved by receding glaciers about 10,000 years ago.
     North America is the source of much of what humanity knows about geologic time periods. The geographic area that would later become the United States has been the source of more varieties of dinosaurs than any other modern country. According to paleontologist Peter Dodson, this is primarily due to stratigraphy, climate and geography, human resources, and history. Much of the Mesozoic Era is represented by exposed outcrops in the many arid regions of the continent. The most significant Late Jurassic dinosaur-bearing fossil deposit in North America is the Morrison Formation of the western United States.


Largest Countries of North America
     Three of the thirteen largest countries in the world are situated in North America. Canada, with a total area of 9,984,670 is the largest country of North America with USA and Mexico being the 2nd and 3rd respectively. Canada is known as one of the most developed and progressed nations in the world. According to UN, it is ranked as the best country to live. Canada is globally known for its abundant natural reservoirs, stable and consolidated economy and progressive political environments
     After Canada, USA is the 2nd largest country of North America while being 3rd in the world. It comprises of 50 different states. USA is globally recognized for its healthy economy and immensely developed technological sector. Major cities of USA include New York, Los Angeles, California and Chicago among many others.
     Mexico is the 3rd largest country in North America with a steadily growing industrialized economy. It has shown tremendous development in the field of technology and has one of the world's rapidly growing economies. Mexico has the reputation of being the 10th most visited country in the world.


Economic Giants of North America
     Economy occupies a back bone position in the development of a country. A flawed economy yields negative result that inhibits it from reaching the paramount of success. Fortunately, North America is blessed with highly developed countries in the world which have excelled in almost every area, be it technology, economy or education.
     USA leads the world with its extensively developed economy with a GDP of $15.7 trillion. The country has made remarkable progress in manufacturing, technology and education sectors among others. According to recent reports, the US economy is confronted with threats like indebtedness and political gridlock which would be soon surmounted, asserted a US economist.
     Canada has the second most technologically developed economy after USA. Canada is rich in natural reservoirs and makes a huge amount of profit from its energy and mineral resources. Fishing and forestry that once used to be the prime Canadian industries have been took over by energy and mineral industries that are the leading source of income for the country today. That has given Canada the status of the tenth largest exporter of oil and third largest exporter of natural gas in the world.

     Among the newly industrialized economies Mexico leads the list. It has made commendable progress over the years and has emerged as a self-sufficient country. Various surveys have revealed the fact that trade Mexico's trade with USA and Canada has been the major reason for the fillip in its economy.

Globally  recognized universities of North America
  Universities, providing quality education, determine the fate of any nation. Most of the worlds highly ranked universities are found in North America. People from all across the globe have a deep settled desire to migrate to North America for getting equipped with quality education.
    California institute of technology tops the list as being the best university in North America and the world with a score as high as 94.8. It is globally recognized for its science and engineering sectors.
    Stanford University is 2nd best university in the world and North America with an aggregate score of 93.7. Established in 1885, Stanford has the reputation of being the world's leading research institute and teaching institution. One of the most interesting facts about Stanford University is its contribution to the "Silicon Valley" that generates world revenues of 2.7 trillion annually and has created 5.4 million jobs since its inception.

     Harvard University is one of the leading universities in the world which lays great emphasis in the field of research. Harvard is best known for its business school. It is ranked as the top business school in the world. It has an accumulative score of 93.6 according to Time magazine.

Top tourists destinations of North America
     Tourism industry has shown rapid growth over the last few years. People from all corners of the world fly to these resorts to make the most out of their leisure time. They visit different places to have a different experience of their choice. North America has countless lavish resorts that are the premium source of fascination for a large number of people. One can find everything from spectacular white sandy beaches, breath taking mountains, to the mega casinos in Las Vegas that are unmatched in the world.
     Niagara Falls, one of the natural wonder is a source of great attraction for the both the tourists and the natives especially between October to early May. With more than 14 million visitors every year, it is the most visited natural wonder on earth.
    Las Vegas, globally recognized as the Hub of casinos, is an obsession for gamblers. All the casinos are designed and embellished with extensive care to provide a fantasy-like ambience.
    The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is the largest suspension bridge in the world. Since its establishment in 1937, it has become an internationally recognized symbol of San Francisco. Its red-orange color enhances its visibility even in adverse weather conditions.


Most  popular  Sports  in North America
     As we are quite familiar with the fact that North America is one of the largest and most populous continents in the world. So, it's natural for the inhabitants of North America to be the fans of different sports. The inclination towards any sports largely depends on the history of the country together with prevalent circumstances.
    Ice hockey is greatly adored by the Canadians. It's a kind of field hockey that originated in Canada. It is usually played on an ice field and that is the only fact that distinguishes it from the normal field hockey. It is Canada's foremost winter sport.
     Basketball is another team sport that is very popular in Canada. The team comprises of 5 members that try to score points by throwing the ball in the opposing hoops. Micheal Jordan, one of the finest basketball players is also from Canada. Canadians possess great fervor for basketball.
    Baseball is another major league sport played in both Canada and USA. The team consists of nine players who strive to hit the ball with sheer power and score runs by turning to all of the 4 bases. The baseball field is 90-feet square and resembles the shape of a diamond.


Significant landmarks of North America
    Each country has certain specific structures, monuments and landmarks that earn them global recognition. For instance, Eiffel tower in Paris, Statue of Liberty in USA and Colosseum in Italy. Let's bring into account the famous landmarks in Asia.
     Famous land marks of North America include Statue of Liberty in New York, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Gateway Arch in Saint. Louis, Niagara Falls that is located at the border between Ontario and New York, Pentagon in Washington DC among others.

Posted Date : 16-10-2022

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