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    MBBS or an equivalent qualification. Must be registered with Telangana State Medical Council.

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    Chandragupta Maurya  (324-297 BCE)

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    ఆ కాలానికి సంబంధించి ఎంఆర్‌వో కార్యాల‌యం నుంచి నివాసధ్రువీక‌ర‌ణ ప‌త్రాన్ని పొందితే స‌రిపోతుంది.

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    Divide your syllabus and according to that organise your study time. Start your revision early. For  Arithmetic and Mensuration paper practice makes you more perfect. And for General Studies and General Abilities understanding the subject is more important. Standard books are to be read well and prepare notes of your own. Practice model papers and previous papers also. Everyday keep a test to improve your timing. In exam hall don't be tensed. All the best.


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